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Inspiration for all to practice yoga and meditation for inner happiness and wellbeing


Authentic & everyday conversations on all things holistic health, wellness and natural living


Sharing the journey of being a mum of twins – you are not alone

A Natural & Conscious Approach to Life



Welcome to Naturally Well with Jo. This is a place where I share my passions with the world – Natural and holistic health & wellbeing; green & sustainable living inspiration; delicious & nourishing healthy food which has been grown in my own organic gardens; plus yoga and meditation for inner happiness and wellbeing for the mind, body and spirit


I am a stay at home mama to twins; I will chat about motherhood and the ups and downs that come with this all mighty important job.  Motherhood can be a mix of emotions and I want to share my journey and chat about all the things that comes along with being an awesome mum.


I am not into fads, I like to keep things simple. I don’t follow a specific way of eating.  You will see I eat seasonally, wholesome and natural.   I am totally not into diet dogma.   I am positive but you might also see me rant and call bullshit on things. I hate selling so you won’t see me sell e-books or programs for weight loss or anything to do with a quick fix.  I am only an expert on me and I am not here trying to fix you. You ain’t broken so there is not need to fix anyone.


I value real conversations and authenticity and what you will receive from this blog is honest and real life chats.  It is me sharing my journey and my wisdom from my own experiences and also from other awesome cool humans that have come across my path. 


If you are interested in holistic health and wellbeing, yoga, sustainable and green living and you are a parent or maybe becoming a parent, I hope you enjoy the chats that I have on here.  


Thanks for stopping by




  • My Natural Self Care Tips for Pregnancy and Everyday Life

    My Natural Self Care Tips for Pregnancy and Everyday Life

    Hi there I have not written a blog post in such a long time.  I am not even going to try and give you a reason.  It is just one of those things that I never seem to have time for.  However, lately I have......

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    Bruny Island Yoga and Sound Bath Healing Special Event

    A beautiful and restful day out for you and your friends.  Come along and join us for a morning of pure nourishment, nurture and deep relaxation.  This event will leave you feeling grounded with a new sense of vitality.  Make a day on Bruny Island.......

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    No Fuss Sustainable Christmas Shopping

    Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like me and really dislike the christmas busyness and want to avoid all the crowds, I have the perfect way for you to shop.  My guidelines around buying presents is that they must be eco friendly,......

  • four-ways-to-stop-dieting

    4 Ways to Stop Living on a Diet

    Hi there, I hope where ever you’re reading this from you’re having a wonderful day.  And thank you for stopping in to read my latest post on healthy living.  I was chatting to a friend the other day who inspired me to write this blog......

  • youre-worth-it-2


    Dear community My heart is full right now.  I am extremely grateful to each and everyone of you who dug deep and donated to the Provenance Growers ‘Get Back Up’ Campaign.   Together we have raised $2813.09 to help farmers Paulette and Matt build a......

  • youre-worth-it-1

    Please Help A Fellow Farmer – Support Provenance Growers ‘Get Back Up’ Campaign

    Hi lovely community I would like to ask for your help.  In Hobart, Tasmania today Mother Nature has not been very kind to farmers.  We’re having extreme winds and unfortunately the winds have caused some major damage to a fellow farmer and friend of mine Paulette from......

  • youre-worth-it-2

    Compost Bins, New Garden Beds and a Broody Hen

    Hi there,  It’s a cold and wintery day here on the farm (even though we ‘re into the second month of spring)  I thought I would take up the opportunity and write an update on the farm.   A lot has happened in the last......

  • youre-worth-it-1

    You’re Worth It

    Last year I was fortunate enough to receive the Sprout Producer Scholarship from Sprout Tasmania.  Sprout Tasmania is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers who are dedicated in supporting local food producers who want to turn their farming ideas into reality and go to market.......

  • untitled-design

    Yoga on Bruny Island

    Hi there community. I am excited to share with you that I am now teaching Vinyasa Yoga on Bruny Island, Tasmania. Bruny Island is my place of home. I moved here three years ago from the middle of Hobart, to embrace a self sufficient lifestyle.......