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Hi, I’m Jo Smith
Yoga teacher, holistic nutrition and wellbeing coach, organic gardener


With a deep passion for the ancient teachings of yoga, holistic health, wellbeing & natural living, it is a joy for me to teach and share inspiration on how these can beautifully complement modern life to enrich our lives naturally.  


I am also extremely passionate about women’s wellness and advocating positive body image through simple, mindful and compassionate approaches to healthy living, to create sustainable habits.  



Friends know me for being a natural health and wellbeing ‘geek’ and what I share here I live and breath.  I take on a holistic approach to everything that I explore and experiment with.  I believe a  life in balance is more than what we eat and how we move.  Personally I believe it is also the way we think about ourselves and how we need to take time out for self in a holistic capacity – mental, physical, social, environmental, psychological and emotional for greater happiness and spiritual fulfilment. 


Through my own personal journey and the soulful chats I have had with other people I can honestly say that there isn’t one specific way of wellness that is suitable for everyone.  All of us require different things at different times and I am a firm believer wellness can be achieved from a no-guilt, mindful, back to basic approach.  


I am not here to tell you how to eat and live.  Within you, you already know how to do this.  My goal with my blog and what I create here is for you to feel re-connected.  As masses of information is thrown at us daily we can further lose our way from our purpose and our truth and there is a risk of us becoming physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually disconnected from each other.  I hope I can provide inspiration and a real sense of self empowerment to help you feel re- connected and help you to adopt a simple, mindful and intuitive approach to wellness whilst avoiding a quick fix mentality (which doesn’t do anyone any good).  You will see a common thread throughout this space; one which focuses on cultivating wellness in its simple act, which is non – judgemental for long-term sustainable lifestyle change to support total wellbeing.


SO ………You may have guessed that I am super passionate for holistic natural healing. I am going to be straight here, not for one minute do I think I know all there is to know about living a healthy and natural life.  Just like everyone I am continuously learning and I love being open to the ever evolving ways of living a naturally inspired life.  I love a good chat and you will see this space discusses many things.  

The idea to blog about a natural approach to life certainly isn’t unique. But I wanted to show a very real, honest and raw insight into ways I and maybe we can embrace health and wellness holistically. 


I also wanted to share my journey with motherhood;  because I feel there needs to be a supportive platform for other women who are parents and need somewhere to ‘escape’ too.   Life as a mum is amazing, fun, magical and rewarding, but it is also exhausting, overwhelming and a juggle.  I believe it is the toughest job on earth.  mmmm, hang on, there must be a job that is tougher………..nope.  So I wanted to create a space for all of us mums to be connected.   


I won’t make you feel like you are not good enough as a mum or you need to go and quickly lose the post pregnancy belly; what you will read here is non -judgemental chatter with a main mission to support other mothers whilst keeping motherhood real, healthy and happy.   


My Back Story

Today I am healthy, happy and well.  I love my body for the remarkable things it does (especially carrying two healthy babies) and I love embracing real nourishing food.  I truly feel at ease around food, as I know it nourishes and supports me.  However, like all of us here we have a story and living and eating the way I do wasn’t always that way. Rewind 15 years, and I was hitting the gym twice a day for more than one and a half hours and survived on egg whites, apples and coffee.  I used to count calories and weigh my food. I use to start a new diet plan every week (It’s why I am against the eating plans) and I was obsessed with trying to achieve the ‘perfect body’.  I remember the days when I lived on protein powders, weight loss supplements and counted out my daily 10 almond rations.


I used to weigh myself every single morning and night and my daily mood was dictated on what the scales read.  I felt stressed around food and health and what I ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ eat.  It was a (insert swear word) nightmare.


The havoc it created in my body manifested into serious gastritis and full blown panic attacks and anxiety.  I had panic attacks where my partner would have to sit in a warm bath tub with me for hours just to calm me down.  And there were plenty of times I wouldn’t leave the house from the anxiety.   This was caused through stress, dieting, poor gut health, my lifestyle and how I thought about myself.


Something Needed to Change

I knew a change was needed and I am so grateful I found it through real food, holistic wellness and natural living.  I have gone against every fad diet that has come my way and through my own research I have gone from a chronic dieter to now living a life of a healthy natural eater, wellness & natural living warrior.  I continued on this amazing new found health journey and went on to train as a yoga teacher.  This is where I have discovered my love for a deeper connection with the mind, body and spirit.  I now specialise in yoga for women’s holistic health, Vinyasa style yoga and pre and post natal yoga.   


Together with my partner we left the city life and have now been living and working towards creating our 10 acre self sustaining organic hobby farm on Bruny Island, Tasmania.  We came here not knowing how to do anything.  And through the last five years we have taught ourselves how to live off the grid, grow organic food, compost, recycle, re-waste and re-use.  We have truly embraced a more natural lifestyle, I absolutely love what gardening has done for my soul and any chance I get, I am outside growing food and planting new plants. 


I am a Mama 

As mentioned I am a new mum to twins who we named Essie and Banjo.  I have already felt that being a mum can be challenging.  I can honestly say that I have felt mum guilt too many times (which is ridiculous by the way)  I have also found that being a mum can be a lonely job.  So by writing about my experiences and connecting through here with other mums and mums to be I hope that it will help you to feel that you are not alone and have a safe space to come and be deeply nourished. 


Why I Birthed Naturally Well with Jo

Because I love the ancient teachings of yoga and bringing this across into our modern world and I love holistic health wellbeing and  all things green & sustainable living.  For as long as I remember I have been in this space and there is so much to love and share about.  I truly love helping and nurturing other humans and having meaningful conversations where seeds are planted and wonderful change happens.  I feel it is my dharma to help and inspire others to live a naturally inspired and conscious life.  


If you’re seeking to live a more natural and conscious life with a deeper mind, body and spirit connection plus an awareness around good nutrition, good health and natural living you’re defiantly in the right space.  

You may like to connect with me via my Facebook page and Instagram page.  A lot of the time I post there because it is quick and as many of you know, when your a mum, time is precious.  

You may also like to come in and join my private women’s only group – You can connect here.  


 Namaste Jo

“We can’t change the world and our lives in one quick hit. We can contribute to where and what we can to create powerful, positive and sustainable changes.  You and I can make small frequent changes to create long term impact on our health by making one or more positive changes in the way we eat, think and live”

– Jo Smith