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Naturally Well with Jo Philosophy

Naturally Well with Jo is a modern day holistic wellness hub supporting women to live a healthy and natural life.  The hub is based on the passions, beliefs and tools, which Jo studied and experimented with to gain vibrant health, wellness and happiness for herself.  Jo is passionate about sharing her journey with you, to enable you to make the best new choices to feel empowered and inspired towards living an holistic, healthy and natural lifestyle.   



Working to create a wellness hub to enable women to find balance and naturally transform their health and wellbeing. Achieving this through a simple, mindful and no-guilt holistic approach that enables positive and healthy habits for themselves and the planet.



To support and help women improve their health and wellbeing naturally.  Empowering and providing inspiration to those who are trying to change to a healthier and more natural way of life.  Creating a toolbox of holistic health and wellness strategies for women to draw inspiration and tips from everyday to support them in achieving a healthy, happy and vibrant life. 

Who is Jo Smith

Hello.  You are visiting me and this wellness hub because there is something inside of you that has this deep knowing that a change needs to be made and you’re curious to find out more. Welcome.  Thank you for listening to your inner voice.  Straight up I would like to say that I am truly grateful that you’re here and wanting to do something different. I believe wellness can be achieved from a no-guilt, mindful, back to basic approach approach and I make it simple, fun and achievable.  


I also believe health and wellbeing is holistic and not focussed on just one thing. There are many ways we can find wellbeing that suits each one of us.  I have found what we eat, how we move, how we sleep, how we think and what we do all cumulatively affect our health; in both negative and positive ways.  Through my own personal journey and working with other women I can honestly say that there isn’t one specific way of wellness that is suitable for everyone.  We are all different and have different needs and wants.  However I am extremely confident that by being a part of the hub you will be able to source and find inspiration from the hubs toolkit to make the necessary changes for yourself to enable your own health and wellbeing to thrive 


I am not here to tell you how to eat and live.  Within you, you already know how to do this.  It is my job to empower you to adopt a simple, mindful and intuitive approach to wellness whilst avoiding a quick fix mentality which does not address issues at their root cause.  My philosophy focuses on long-term sustainable lifestyle changes to support total health.


You may have guessed that I am a passionate advocate and educator for holistic natural healing using a wholesome real food diet sourced from nature and a natural lifestyle for mind, body, spirit and planet.  I love addressing my own health and your health as an intertwined web.  We do this by integrating real food nutrition, yoga, fitness, natural living, Sustainable diet and weight losss, positive mind, connection and self-care as a whole; enabling all of us to have ultimate wellness. We all want that don’t we?!

IMG_2732I am trained and certified as a holistic food coach, yoga teacher and personal trainer. I am also a self-proclaimed health, wellbeing and natural living ‘geek’ who lives and breathes this lifestyle.  Who has literally turned my own life around by using a natural holistic approach.


The Work I Do In Two Parts

My passion and part of the work I do is to help women re-evaluate their health and wellbeing goals; overcome body image and emotional eating as well as personal health hurdles to bring peace and sustainable wellness back into their lives.


My other work is aimed at helping women to build knowledge, awareness and skills around creating natural, healthy lifestyle habits; loving and reconnecting with themselves and implementing natural & sustainable lifestyle choices.  A life in balance is more than diet and exercise.  It is the way we think about ourselves and how we can take time out to connect with what makes us truly happy.  It is having the awareness of ways we can propagate more of a sustainable and natural lifestyle that works personally for us and is also shining the light on creating harmony between our mind, body and spirit.  This is all achieved through my speciality yoga classes, workshops, wellness classes, programs, retreats and working one one one with me.  


My Back Story

Today I am healthy, happy and well.  I love my body for the remarkable things it does and I love embracing real nourishing food.  I truly feel at ease around food, as I know it nourishes and supports me.  However, like all of us here we have a story and living and eating the way I do wasn’t always that way. Rewind 15 years, and Jo Smith was hitting the gym twice a day for more than one and a half hours and survived on egg whites, apples and coffee.  I used to count calories and weigh my food. I used to start a new diet plan every week (hello Monday’s) and I was obsessed with trying to achieve the ‘perfect body’ and always trying to fit in.  I remember the days when I lived on protein powders and weight loss supplements and counted out my daily 10 almond rations.


I used to weigh myself every single morning and night and my daily mood was dictated on what the scales read.  I felt stressed around food and health and what I ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ eat.  It was a (insert swear word) nightmare.


The havoc it created in my body manifested into serious gastritis and full blown panic attacks and anxiety.  I had panic attacks where my partner would have to sit in a warm bath tub with me for hours just to calm me down.  And there were plenty of times I wouldn’t leave the house from the anxiety.   This was caused through stress, dieting, poor gut health, my lifestyle and how I thought about myself.


Something Needed to Change

I knew a change was needed and I am so grateful I found it through real food, holistic wellness and natural living. Inspired by the “Primal Blueprint” my philosophy around food was turned on its head.  I have gone against every fad diet that has come my way and through my own research I have gone from a chronic dieter to now living a life of a healthy natural eater, wellness & natural living warrior.  I continued on this amazing new found health journey and went on to train as a yoga teacher.  This is where I have discovered my love for a deeper connection with mind, body and spirit.  I now specialise in yoga for women’s holistic health, Vinyasa style yoga and pre and post natal yoga.   Anytime you would like to join me in a yoga class, please get in contact here


Together with my partner we left the city life and have now been living and working towards creating our 10 acre self sustaining organic farm on Bruny Island, Tasmania.  We came here not knowing how to do anything.  And through the last four years we have taught ourselves how to live off the grid, grow organic food, compost, recycle, re-waste and re-use. We also raise chickens, ducks and guinea fowl.  We have truly embraced a more greener, natural lifestyle, and now have the tools and skills to take it anywhere and to share this with you.


Mama To Be

I am also soon to be a mama of non-identical twins.   Due date July 24th 2017 and it’s my first pregnancy.  The importance of holistic health, wellbeing & natural living for myself, my babies and for women who are trying for a baby, expecting a baby or already have children has exploded my passion for holistic health, wellness and natural living.  


Why I Birthed Naturally Well with Jo

I have discovered and I am always learning about better ways to take care of myself and do my little bit for the planet in a simple, mindful, practical and guilt free way.  I have found a simple and sustainable approach to wellness which anyone can embrace and which I am super passionate to share. And if I can achieve this I know that you can to. I have found that we don’t need to try and do it all.  Little changes we make in our own personal life can and is enough. My motto is “Start small, do the best you can” And this is why Naturally Well with Jo was born.  To educate, inspire and empower women to have strategies in place and create wellness naturally to enjoy a lifestyle of abundance and vibrancy. 


If you’re wanting to live more naturally, with more mind, body and spirit connection and with more awareness around good nutrition and good health you’re defiantly in the right space.  Please sign up to my newsletter and be open to this wellness hub which aims to inspire and teach you about the importance of living a natural life.   

Connect With Me

One last and final note.  I love connecting and building a supportive community.  If you would like to collaborate and run a health, well-being and natural living retreat, workshop or event I would love to hear from you. Together we can create a wonderful ‘pop up’ event to help plant positive seeds of change and start a ripple affect in helping women rethink the way they eat, think and live to be more healthy and happy

“We can’t change the world and our lives in one quick hit. We can contribute to where and what we can to create powerful, positive and sustainable changes.  You and I can make small frequent changes to create long term impact on our health by making one or more positive changes in the way we eat, think and live”

– Jo Smith

Be inspired to make positive changes in your life