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I am now Primal Blueprint Certified

How exciting! I have just completed and passed the Mark Sisson Primal Blueprint Certification course.  This course consist of 13 modules covering very important topics to assist people in becoming the best version of themselves.  This course has improved my knowledge immensely and has added to the ever expanding wealth of information that I have gained over the last nine years of living primal and twenty years in health and wellness.  I am super excited to be sharing my knowledge with you; to help make a difference in your life, to help you break free of years and years of yo-yo dieting, feeling unwell and unhappy, and to start turning your life around and enjoying food and life again!

The Mark Sisson program is a step by step course to reprogram your genes to be stronger, leaner, fitter, have increased energy levels and a stronger and positive mindset.  The program covers nutrition, sleep, relaxation, fitness and provides information in depth on what is required to make the change from being a sugar burner dependant on carbohydrates for energy to being a fat burner with the right tools to avoid many of the degenerative diseases plaguing modern society.

The course covered topics such as our homosapien history, how 80% of your body composition is 80% nutrition; how insulin is the basic premise, how the type of  lifestyle that you lead can either have a negative affect on your longevity or positive affect. In detail the course also covered how you can reduce disease risk, promote positive genetic expression;  burn fat rather than carbohydrates and how to eliminate chronic exercise and slow down in life.


The Primal Blueprint course covered in great detail the negative effects of carboydrate dependancy, glucose requirements, fats, ketones and ketosis and how being keto adapted is extremely beneficial for the human body.  It also covered the importance of enhancing the function of mitochondria to imporove fat metabolism and the recommended macronutrient intake level based on bio-individuality for optimal health.  I have a greater understanding of how eating primally enables one to become less reliant upon external fuel sources for energy, which is also known as calorie efficiancy.

Plus in detail, indepth information on insulin and the important role it has on your health; insulin and hormone health, insulin resistance, insulin and fat loss, insulin sensitivity, hormone optimization and understanding hormone dysfunction.  Then I learnt more on the impact alcohol can have on fat metabolism, intermittent fasting, fasting and exercise and how and when to know if fasting can improve your overall health and wellbeing

Next I learnt more about the role exercise plays on our overall health, and how participating in chronic exercise can be ineffective for weight loss.  The role sleep, vitamin D, the food we choose to consume, chemicals, pesticides, ecological, ethical and sustainability all of a major impact on our health.

Each module ended with an online examination with a pass of 75% or more to move onto the next module.

I don’t like seeing anyone overweight, unhappy and confused about nutrition and lifestyle.  It actually breaks my heart that people are still asking the question of “what foods should we eat”.  It also saddens me to see many people thinking that health and wellness is about being ‘skinny’, losing weight and spending hours exercising to gain ‘that perfect image’

This is why I did this course.  I have educated myself even more so on how I can help stop the confusion in this crazy world of dieting.  










Read to be Inspired, to Learn and to be Successful

Reading is one of the best things we can all do to enhance our knowledge.  Reading is one of the top 10 things successful entrepreneur’s do everyday to be the best they can be in their field.  Successful entrepreneur’s don’t watch television, instead they spend that quality time reading.  Since starting my journey as a entrepreneur and as a health, wellness and sustainabilty educator, reading has become extremely important to my career.  It helps me to be inspired, to continuously learn, to teach others and to enhance and grow my own business.

I wanted to share with you some of the books I have read (more than once) and hopefully it will inspire you to pick up a book and start reading.

Some of my primal education resources


Some of my self sufficiency, permaculture resources


Some of my mind and business resources


Some of my health and wellness resources


Now the reason I write ‘some’ is because I have a stack more books to show you.  This small list does not include my text books, the books that I have on my kindle, the many journal articles I have saved and the large collection of real food inspirational cookbooks I have.  Soak this blog post up, go grab one of the books I have photographed and start reading.  I will post up part two of my primal library very soon.

Never stop learning, never stop reading because it will help you to be a better version of yourself and to be successful – Primal Living



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Preserving Fresh Herbs For the Future – It’s So Easy

Do you have a herb garden?  I sure do and at the moment it is producing an abundance.  It is the time of year where everything is growing at a fast pace.   I don’t like wastage and I am learning how to preserve almost everything for future use.  Growing up, I remember my mum preserved all of our garden fruit and vegetables. I loved having preserved apricots and cream.  Yum.  Learning to become 100% self sufficient is a lot of hard work,  however it’s worth it.  I am trying to grow and eat all of my own food 365 days of the year. To think that I will be able to not have to purchase herbs for a long time is a great financial feeling.


Rosemary – Lavender – Chammomile – Oregano – Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves

Tie the herbs in a bundle and hang the herbs in an area where air can circulate through.  Leave for approximately 6 months.  Once dried, place the herbs in a food processor and process until you have a crumbly mixture.  Store in an airtight jar and use in your primal cooking.  Herbs are an awesome way to add flavour and excitement to your food.

Preserving Parsley

In a food processor, place parsley and start processing.  Whilst machine is running add in extra virgin olive oil and keep blending until you have a smooth mixture.
Place in freezer bags, flatten out and freeze.  We have a small freezer due to living off the grid and need to reserve power, so I flatten out all the food which goes into the freezer to save space.  Freezing your parsley like this is great for later use in making pesto’s.


I hope you can grow some herbs where you are.  Even if you live in an city apartment, you can still grow herbs.  Preserve today to invest in your future.

Have a great time watching your herbs dry out.

Primal Jo


Parsley, Walnut and Lemon Pesto – 100% Primal

Oh this is good….really good.  My primal pesto goes extremely well with fish and chicken.  As soon as I made it, I pulled out a raw carrot, chopped it into slices and had the pesto as a dip.  Yummo.  I love making my own pesto’s and dips because the ones you find in the supermarket are loaded with added preservatives, flavourings and vegetable oils. Next time you’re at the supermarket hunting out a dip, take the time to look on the back of the ingredients.  If you cannot identify the ingredients, place it back on the shelf, buy the real food ingredients and feel great, that you have made it yourself and you know what you’re eating.  I have heaps of parsley in my garden which is why I made this combination.  However it would work really well using coriander or basil.  Lets go make my primal pesto


2 very large handfuls of parsley – I used curly leaf for this recipe
1 whole lemon – skin removed – keep the skin and use it for the tahini, lemon and lime rocks
2 large handfuls of raw walnuts
Cold pressed olive oil
Himalayan sea salt



In a food processor, add in the parsley, lemon and walnuts and process.
whilst processing add slowly the olive oil until you have a smooth mixture
Add in a pinch of salt and pulse to combine
Taste test.  Do you need more salt, lemon or olive oil

Store in an airtight steralised jar.  Cover with olive oil as this will help with the preserving of your pesto and allow you to keep it in your fridge for up to 2-3 weeks.

Enjoy as a dip or with your favourite piece of protein.

Primal Jo


Sugar-Free Primal Rock – Tahini, Lemon and Lime

Lets have a ball together – a sugarfree ball that is.  When I say sugar-free I mean one that contains zero sugar. Yep you won’t even find honey, rice malt or even maple syrup in this ball.  You can add it if you wish, but once you quit sugar, you will find that your taste buds will also change and the feeling that you ‘need’ sugar is not required.


3 cups of mixed raw nuts
1 fresh lime – skin peeled
1 fresh lemon rind
2 large heaped tbs tahini
Pinch of Himalayan sea salt



In a blender, process the raw nuts to a fine mixture
Add in a whole lime – save the skin and dry it out for future uses.
Add in the lemon rind – save the lemon for future uses.  Delicious in a herbal tea with finely sliced ginger
Add in the tahini
Add in salt

Blend well, until mixture combines.  At this point a taste test is required.  You may like to add in some more lemon, lime or even tahini.

Roll the mixture into balls and pop them into the freezer.  I love to keep my balls in the freezer and pull out when needed.

Enjoy – Primal Jo