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Keep It Simple, To Keep It Sustainable

There has been some bad publicity in the media the last few weeks in regards to the paleo diet being extremely dangerous for us. Alongside that there has also been a fair amount of confusion from people about what they should be eating and not eating

I started eating nutrient dense foods coming on 9 years, before that I thought I wasn’t too bad. My diet was extremely healthy because I followed a figure competitors diet, but I was very low fat (even though I never ate low fat products) I never added nature’s fats into my meals and I was missing out on some very important nutrients. Turning to a primal lifestyle taught me so many things; Eat seasonally, eat grass fed animal protein, include natures fats, remove toxins from my diet (sugar, inflammatory vegetable oils and unsprouted grains) spend plenty of time in nature, move your body daily, lift heavy things, be around positive people, know where your food comes from and avoid the supermarkets as much as I can.

9 years ago, actually right up until 2 years ago there wasn’t the confusion and the anxiety around eating as I am seeing it now. As more people find that the primal/paleo/LCHF way of eating gives us true optimal health, the unfortunate thing I am seeing around this movement is more anxiety and confusion. Now we have new voices coming through with many different opinions and lists of what we should be eating.

The misconceptions of paleo/primal eating are worse than ever. How do I now this, because I see it through social media and through my new clients.
New clients are telling me that they don’t know where to start because giving up sugar, grains, and dairy all at once and trying to find organic meats is so hard and daunting. I also have new clients call me to say; I read that I need to be including fermented foods and bone broth, but I just don’t have time. Or yesterday I had another new client who said they’re finding it really stressful to get the family on board. The stress in their voices is worrying and I am more concerned what the stress will do at this stage rather than them eating organic – grass-fed meats.

Primal Living breaks through the confusion.  My focus is on achievable and actionable solutions; I help you to cut through the confusion and lead you to have a better understanding of real food and its amazing healing powers; nutrient density, ancestral health, food, sustainability and environment ethics, toxic free and natural healing, fitness and lifestyle, mimalist and self sufficiency lifestyle and one that we all can be connected with is the amazing power of the mind-body-gut connection.  I feel we need to stop labelling everything we eat into boxes that fit a certain label.  We can stop  worrying if we had our fermented cabbage or bone broth today and you can jump in the air and feel like a brick has lifted from your shoulders because Primal Living will educate and empower you to make the best choices for your health.

Life is amazing – and we’re missing out on the importance of life when we are stressed to the max about where to find grass-fed meat or worrying that you’re eating too many natural carbohydrates.

Primal Quotes New1

Eat to live, not live to eat!

1. Eat real food – food from our natural environment that you can pull from a vegetable garden bed, that doesn’t contain ingredients you don’t know what they are 
2. Enjoy traditional fats that our great grandmother used to cook in. Lard, dripping, butter plus coconut oil and drizzle your rummy salads with either olive, avocado or macadamia oil
3. Enjoy the different varieties of animal protein – beef, pork, fish, chicken, duck, wallaby, kangaroo, snails, offal, eel, deer and more. 
4. If you have to go to the supermarket to buy your meat (that is ok, your doing the best you can, look for free- range)
5. If you have to go to the supermarket to buy your fruit and vegetables (that is also ok, your doing the best you can, look for Australian products)
6. If you’re coming off sugar – focus on that first, nothing else. Increase your natural fats (don’t be scared of them) and each day slowly reduce the foods you have sugar in until there is none
7. If your new to this – don’t start worrying about fermenting foods or making bone broth – focus on guidelines 1-2-3
8. When you have beaten the sugar demon – now you can tweak your meals and make the swap from using vegetable oils to nature’s fats that will reduce inflammation in your body even more. Go back to step 1-2-3
9. Now that you have got step 1-2-3- under control you can look at swapping the rest of the refined carbohydrates for natures seasonal carbohydrates – Delicious seasonal vegetables and fruit
10. Move daily – stand out in the sun daily, and don’t forget to laugh

After step 10 is when you can slowly tweak the rest. Looking more in depth at sleep, gut health, stress and lifestyle, hormone health, insulin resistance, organic meats and vegetables and other health, wellness and lifestyle goals.

You can tackle all those other things because you are now strong enough mind and body to understand what is achievable in your own life and your budget. You will also have a greater understanding of what your body needs and because the brain fog has lifted, you will have the strength and confidence to continue with this way of living.

By avoiding all food that comes in a packet with a bunch of chemicals and preservatives and or made in a industrialized factory and turning to foods which nature provides us – you can stop worrying and enjoy the beautiful smell of a fresh carrot pulled out of the ground, or the juiciness of strawberries dribbling down your chin.

There could be a case for us to stop using the term ‘Paleo’ and agree on a more modern definition which could help media representation and nitpicky science etc. The main goal is to make your lifestyle appealing, practical, easy, affordable, and time efficient. We need to stop labelling how we eat and instead enjoy real, nutrient dense foods which nature provides us.

Just a thought! Life is about enjoyment, living by our seasons and being present in that moment. Signing of #primaljo



Four ingredient zucchini crustless quiche


When you live on an island, you rely on the vegetables you grow in the garden; because there are no shops to top up the pantry and you have to make do with what you have.  If you have read any of my previous posts (I hope you have, they’re extremely interesting) you would of known that I sent my chooks off to a friends house (also on the island) because they were being killed by quolls.  I do miss them dearly however every second day my lovely friend brings a bowl of gorgous free range eggs.
This particular day all I had in the fridge were eggs, old zucchini’s, onions and garlic….Perfect, I have enough ingredients to make a nutrient dense delicious meal.

Serves 6


3-4 zucchini’s
1 brown onion
8 free range eggs
2 cloves garlic


Grease a quiche pan with butter
Grate the zucchinni and squueze out all the excess water – you could drink this or give it to your chooks.  I threw it into the pig bucket
Dice the onion fine
Whisk the eggs well with 2 tbsp water
Dice the garlic fine

In a large bowl mix well all the ingredients
Pour the mixture into your quiche pan
Bake on 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.
Check after 20 minutes

Serve with a delicious garden green salad, tossed through extra virgin olive oil.
Enjoy from Primal Jo


Amazing people do amazing things together

Changing The Way We Eat Goodie Bag Donations

From Jo:  

Ash and I feel so overwhelmed by all the amazing companies who have supported our conference.  It is extremely amazing to have their support and everyone of these businesses mentioned below are people who Ash and I think are doing amazing things in the health and wellness industry. We hope that you get behind them and continue to support.  It is when we all come together to support and not compete that we can change the way we eat and live.  Thank you so much everyone, I can’t wait to hand over the goodie bags

From Ash:

The first job I was given when I started with Jo at Primal Living was to organize some donations for the conference goodie-bags. It was a little daunting but we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response! We have an amazing variety of product samples and discount vouchers, and each bag will have a different mix so it’s going to be an exciting surprise for all the attendees.

Ash and I on Sunday with 4 other amazing wellness women packed over 400 goodie bags.  It was an amazing and fun day.  We have been told that our goodie bags are the best that they have seen……You guys who are coming to the conference are so lucky.

Please take the time to check out these guys, they’re all fantastic businesses run by generous people with products you will love.

Gorgeous Erin from ES - Wellness

Gorgeous Erin from ES – Wellness putting all the discount vouchers together.

Jenna from My Missing Factor - also one of the speakers at the conference

Jenna from My Missing Factor – also one of the speakers at the conference

So lets check out what is inside those goodie bags –




IMG_6514 Processed with Moldiv

Ash (front) and I amongst some of the goodie bags

Ash (front) and I amongst some of the goodie bags


Natural Raw C Tas Natural Garlic Who gives a crap

Brookfarm Brothers Blend Forest Hill Farm 180 nutrition

Ecology Skin Care Anna’s Gourmet Paleo Art Of Tea 

Think Vitality nutrition Coconut revolution Ecology Skin Care

Eumarrah Food To Nourish Forage cereal  Soulfresh

Happy Cow Tallow Harmonic Health

Legacy Superfoods Living Valley Springs Locavore Edition Mrs Rees

Naked Whey Nourish Magazine Pa’s Pantry

Paleo Magazine Pip Magazine  Power super foods

Rachels Organic Safe sea Sea Salt

The holistic Ingredient Think Vitality Nutrition Tom Organics

Urban Farming Island Magazine


Are you coming to our conference? These guys are and we’re extremely lucky

Changing The Way We Eat Trade Tables

We are going to have a mini-market at the conference! If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket, an hour before the starting time, during morning tea and lunch, and after the conference, you’ll have the chance to learn about and buy products from all these amazing businesses.  For those of you coming to Tasmania and to conference don’t forget your cash as there are no efptos facilities at the trade tables.



Stockists of Bulletproof Coffee, Natural Stacks and The Primal Collective range in Australia. They will also be providing Bulletproof Coffee for you to drink at the conference! They also stock many of the Bulletproof products such as: Upgraded MCT Oil, Brain Octane Oil, Vanilla, Chocolate Powder, Coconut Charcoal, Glutathione Force, Cacao Butter; and other primal products such as Grass-fed ghee, Organic Turmeric Capsules, Macrobiotic Sea Salt, Great Lakes Gelatine…and cricket protein balls!



Grateful Harvest

Grateful Harvest is a Melbourne based company who started brewing traditional Kombucha in early 2013.  They now supply Kombucha On-Tap to retail outlets, Farmers Markets, cafes and restaurants  across Melbourne & Regional Victoria. They describe themselves as passionate advocates for whole foods and have a love of sharing knowledge and empowering others to take charge of their own food journey.   You will be able to try their Kombucha at the conference, and have the opportunity to attend their Kombucha Brewing Workshops on Thursday the 15th or Sunday the 17th of August. (Click here for more details).

 AND Grateful Harvest are offering one lucky attendee the chance to win a Kombucha Home Brew kit Valued at $44.  Simply book your place to attend the fermentation workshop on Thursday 14th August or Sunday 17th August  and your name will go in the draw to win a kit that contains all you need to start brewing your own delicious kombucha at home


Primal Living

That’s us! We’ll be launching some exciting products from our new range, as well as stocking Real Beef Jerky


Rumbles Paleo


Rumbles Paleo are the snack-child of Brian and Jen, who had a mission  “to “create a taste-bud rumble-ation of earthquake proportions with every bite”. The Rumbles range includes the Neanderthal Nugget, Mammoth Mounds, Anzacta Factor, and two flavours of Cro Magnum Crunch. All of their products contain no grains, gluten, dairy, fruit, or preservatives.

You’ll be able to hunt down some Rumbles Paleo products and meet Jenny at the Changing the Way We Eat Conference

Eumarrah Wholefoods


Eumarrah Organic & Natural Foods has been selling organic and natural food in Tasmania since 1985. They stock a great range of bulk products and best quality & biggest range of organic produce and natural food in Tasmania.

Optimal Health


Optimal Health’s Fitness Specialist, Matthew Lamb, provides a variety of functional exercise programs to promote wellness, maintain and improve health benefits for all age groups. Programs include one-on-one training, small group training and larger groups for low intensity structured classes.

Athol Art of Wellness


Athol, the Art of Wellness is a wellness & lifestyle boutique for women in Hobart. Gorgeous range of health, wellness, lifestyle, active wear, fitness, detox, eco apothecary, and organic products.

180 Nutrition




From day one 180 made it their mission to provide a range of natural superfood products that are genuinely beneficial to your health, products you can actually trust. Furthermore they’ve created an amazing resource and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.  Guy Lawrence will also be one of the key speakers, talking about his journey to amazing health.


Forage Cereal

Shared only with friendly dinosaurs, Forage Paleo is the perfect answer for the person eating paleo-style lifestyle. Packed with more great fats and proteins than you can poke a mammoth with, it’s designed by nature with a delicious variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruits for you to thrive on!



Kelty Organic Farm

Kelty Farm is at Woodbridge 40km south of Hobart, overlooking the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island.  Blessed with fertile soil and a reliable 900mm annual rainfall they are ideally situated to produce quality Organic fruit, beef and pork. Their district has sustained similar family operated farms for many generations. Organic farming standards demand that they strive to operate on a closed loop, low to no input system.  This is their approach to food production.  Kelty Farm understands the output limits of land based on the natural capacities of the soil life within our microclimate and the livestock that thrive within the system.

Cloudy Bay


Cloudy Bay Lamb

Cloudy Bay Lamb has been produced on a small, family run farm in the far South of Bruny Island.  The farm comprises around 550 acres of bushland and pasture which neighbours the South Bruny National Park.   The location is wild, remote and incredibly inspiring!  Their vision is to improve the environmental integrity of the farm using  methods that require minimal chemical inputs, and that promote good soil and animal health.   Our sheep are hormone free and we only use organic based fertilisers.

Their flock comprises Coopworth sheep.  This breed was established in the 1960’s from Southern New Zealand, and originally stems from a cross between a Romney ewe and a Border Leicester ram.  We chose this breed because of their excellent fertility rates, high lamb survival rates, and the mothers are renowned for being highly attentive and protective.  South Bruny receives one of the highest rainfalls in Tasmania and the characteristic hard, black hooves of the Coopworth breed are more suitable for our wetter conditions.

The Coopworth breed also has the benefit of allowing a self-replacing system which means all ewe lambs can be retained and either mated with Coopworth rams carefully selected and brought in for their superior genetics, or mated with terminal sires.  We minimise the risk of introducing disease to the flock by using a self-replacing system By not having to buy in replacement ewes we are immediately.

At Cloudy Bay Lamb they endeavour to minimise stress for the sheep so we utilise a local Abattoir (approximately 30 kilometres from the Bruny Island ferry) which practices low stress slaughter.  The lamb is aged on the bone (hung) for a week which allows the meat to tenderise.

Customers can order our premium lamb as a whole or side of lamb.     The lamb is cut, bagged, labelled for convenience, and delivered in a cardboard box.  Orders can be customised and prices vary accordingly.  Individual cuts of Cloudy Bay Lamb are also available in cryovac packs from various outlets on Bruny Island, and also the The ye Olde Oyster Cove Shoppe.  Everyone attending the conference will be able to enjoy Cloudy Bay lamb for lunch

Paleo Providore

Paleo Providore

Paleo Providore is based in Launceston. Their business evolved out of frustration in trying to source ingredients and products to suit the dietary needs and health preferences of their family.  Their aim is to make life easier for people trying to source products for their health and for specific diets by providing a one stop shop for non refrigerated items, with everything from chocolate, to nuts and chia seeds to organic cleaning products available.

The Happy Cow Tallow

The Happy Cow Tallow

Organic grass-fed tallow sourced from happy cows that spent their days grazing lush grass. Delicious addition to your primal lifestyle as perfect cooking fat for all savory dishes.



Thermomix is the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market. A product of German design and innovation, Thermomix unites the functions of over 10 appliances in one compact unit; it can chop, beat, whip, mill, knead, mince, grate, juice, blend, heat, stir, steam and weigh food. Thermomix provides an exciting and unique way to improve your lifestyle every day through better cooking and eating practices.

Slow Drop

Slow Drop

Cold brew is the backstage of coffee making culture in our fast paced environment. Slow Drop is the idea of bringing out different approaches to coffee quality, flavours and value. It is also a practice of enjoying aesthetics, preciseness and pure smells. Cold Drop’s single origin beans are a unique selection of fair-trade coffee chosen according to their exceptional flavours that are extracted and enhanced while slow brewing with a nature friendly method – cold water dripping. They also create a real experience by infusing their brew with variety of organically grown herbs, flower blossoms and spices. Adding a drop of almond or coconut milk enhances nutty flavours and offers more mellow coffee notes. You’ll be able to enjoy their coffee cold drip coffee at the conference, chilled or poured over ice.


The Art Of Tea

The Art of Tea is a small Tasmanian business, established in 2000.  From humble beginnings the Art of Tea began selling just 12 different varieties of tea at Salamanca Market, on Saturdays. The business quickly grew, as the demand for quality loose leaf teas became apparent. The Art of Tea now has over 130 tea & herbal varieties available! The Art of Tea are passionate about improving health and wellbeing. As such they seek the highest quality ingredients for all their herbal range, as well as their teas.

The Art of Tea will be providing the tea selection at the conference during morning tea and lunch, and you’ll be able to purchase their amazing tea to take home for yourself from their trade table.


The Wee Lemon Tree

The Wee Lemon Tree sells gorgeous cold-pressed juices, spicy nut milks, and chia puddings from the Tas Farmgate Market every Sunday. Millie is supplying her delicious chia puddings for morning tea, and you’ll be able to purchase some of her cold-pressed juices to drink on the day or take home. They’re all amazing, we know – we’ve tried them all!


The Naked Whey by the Naked Co.

The Naked Whey is not just another protein company.

Their vision from the start has been to offer the healthiest, highest quality whey protein isolate on the market. They are Australian owned and operated and consist of people who are extremely passionate about, not only our own, but also the customers’ health and wellbeing. The Naked Co. have put in countless hours into selecting and testing ingredients from all over the globe to ensure they offer a premium product at an affordable price. They have been able to source whey protein isolate, from happy, healthy, grass-fed cows in New Zealand and their ingredients are natural – nothing nasty – meaning a nakedly honest, nutritious and great tasting product.



Ecology Skin Care

Crystal is one of the key speakers at the conference and will be talking about how to get the primal glow. Her business Ecology Skincare has a  “Wholistic” Approach to healthy skin from the Inside Out and Outside In. Including Paleo Skincare Products for the whole body.

Ecology Creams contain the highest quality, nutrient-dense ingredients:
Certified Organic Grass Fed Beef Tallow, Skin Nourishing Organic Oils & Plant Extracts and Wild Harvested Essential Oils.


Legacy Superfoods

Legacy Superfoods has born to combine the great lifestyle that Australia offers: clean air, bike rides, walks and runs along stunning beaches, cities, paths and parks, meeting extraordinary friendly people along the way, feeling the excitement of start a new day being active, ALIVE! Legacy Superfoods brings close all the goodness the Andean Legacy has to share: Sacha Inchi, Maca, Camu Camu, Cacao, Yacon, and much much more!



On the Go Paleo Meals

On The Go Paleo Meals use a creative approach to Paleo eating. Their meals come prepared using a cryo-vacuum seal to preserve freshness and deliver a quality meal for whenever you want to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Having easy access to your protein, vegetable/fruit and fat needs gives you every reason to eat 100% healthy meals anytime!
Give yourself, friends and family the opportunity to eat well with ease and be educated too by enjoying what On The Go Paleo Meals can provide.

Bruny Island

Bruny Island Game Meat

Richard Clark owns Bruny Island Game Meats and will be supplying the wallaby for all of us to have for lunch.  Bruny Island Game Meats is based at 120ha farm at Great Bay on Bruny Island.  Richard and his shooters hunt two or three nights a week and aim to fill the facility’s raacks with over 100 wallaby carcasses.

Christinellaby, BSkin

Christine Cronau

Christine Cronau is a Nutritionist, bestselling author, and one of the key speakers at the conference. She will be talking about the Fat Revolution. After struggling with her own weight and health, Christine transformed her body and her health and spent over ten years researching the facts about food and fats. The results are evident in her engaging, ground-breaking books about dietary truths that have been ignored by conventional health authorities. Christine’s revolutionary work is captivating and easy to read; a fascinating look at how we have reached such a mistaken consensus about health.

You’ll be able to buy her book at her table.


York Foods

York Foods


York Foods is the leader in the production of the world’s purest natural cooking oils.. It has continued to innovate and change with the times including the launch of several world-first products, such as ‘Wagyu Oil’ and ‘Protein Boost’. All their products are 100% pure and natural, non-homogenised, non-hydrogenated and non-deodorised. Experience the full taste and health benefits without unnecessary processing.



The bee communities at Miellerie are maintained using organic and biodynamic beekeeping practices to maintain health and harmony from the hive to the jar. The honey is cold extracted from the comb to harness the vitality, aroma, flavour, colour and texture of the delightful nectars from Tasmanian native floras.

With 25 stall holders I am super excited for you.  Please support these businesses who are here to help “change the way you eat”, these guys are the real deal.

Signing off – Jo and Ash



Organic garden salad with mustard seed, sage, garlic and lemon lamb shoulder

So we have the lamb shoulder and now we can create some delicious meals with it to nurture our bodies.  I am really glad I can make kick arse salads, it is one of my specialties in the primal household and I would have to say salads are one of my favourite things to eat.  I try not to eat too many in winter as I have a cold constitution and eating too much raw food actually upsets my digestion.  However this one is amazing and I am proud to say that all the salad vegetables have come from my winter primal garden.




You can use any garden greens, this is what I had to serve one
Handful of spinach
Handful of cos lettuce
Handful of parsley
Handful of Kale
1 raw beetroot
Handful of pinenuts
1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tbsp Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
3 slices of lamb shoulder


I just love parsley.  That screams health.


Wash the greens, tear apart and throw into bowl
Slice thinly the beetroot and add to the bowl
Add the diced lamb
Combine the apple cider vinegar and olive oil (taste for your own liking)
Add dressing to bowl
With your clean hands – toss well
Place on your favourite serving plate and add the pine nuts