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Roasted turmeric cauliflower with salad greens and slow cooked lamb shoulder

Have you cooked my delicious lamb shoulder recipe yet?  This delicious recipe will help you create many primal meals after.  I love turmeric for it’s anti-inflammatory purposes, when I had gastritis (another blog post) I healed it through natural therapies and real primal food.  One of the things I did was continually add turmeric to all my food and have warm turmeric drinks.

Roasted Cauliflower is amazing and you can add any spices you like, sometimes I will roast cauliflower and sweet paprika or cauliflower and cumin, but today I decided to add lots of turmeric




Serves one:
3 slices of lamb shoulder
1 whole cauliflower (use the rest for other dishes)
Large handful of silverbeet
Large handful of rainbow chard
Handful of pumpkin seeds
2 tbsp tahini
Handful of fresh parsley
2 tsp organic turmeric powder
Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil


Cut the cauliflower into small florets, add to an oven tray and drizzle well with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
sprinkle the turmeric powder over the cauliflower and combine well
Pop into the oven on 180 degrees for roughly 20 minutes
Whilst the cauliflower is cooking (make a cup of herbal tea) or prepare the rest of the salad
In a bowl tear apart the silverbeet
Add the pumpin seeds
Add the sliced lamb shoulder

When the cauliflower has cooked add in 2-3 cauliflower florets to your salad (store the rest for other dishes)
Combine well and serve onto your favourite salad plate
Dollop the tahini all over your salad and ENJOY



Five hour paleo mustard seed, sage, garlic and lemon lamb shoulder

On Sunday morning I popped a delicious lamb shoulder in the oven and took myself outside into the garden for some earthing.  five hours later when I returned from the cold winters day I was greeted with an amazing smell of slow cooked mustard seed, sage, garlic and lemon lamb shoulder.  What I love about this is I have made 5 meals from it and today I want to share one of them with you.  First the lamb



1.5-1.8KG lamb shoulder
2 garlic cloves
1 lemon
Handgul of dried sage
2 tbsp yellow mustard seeds
2 tbsp cold press organic olive oil


pre-heat oven to 120 degrees (I have a gas oven)
in a mortal and pestle combine well the garlic cloves, sage, mustard seeds and 1 tbsp olive oil
Grate the lemon rind and add to the mixture
sqeeze in the lemon juice
Combine well
Place your lamb in the oven tray
Smother the lamb all over with the mixture
Rub it in all over
This is where you may need the extra tbsp of olive oil if your mixture is too dry

Next add 100ml’s of water to the oven tray (lamb in) and place in the oven
Cook un-covered for 40 minutes
After 40 minutes cover and cook for another 4 hours 10.

Mine was perfect after 5 hours as I do not like my lamb too pink.  If you like it pink then take out and check at 4 hours.




Fixing problems with living off the grid – Winter is not the time

Well we’re truly in the middle of winter here in Australia and for those of us in Tasmania, the last couple of weeks has been extremely cold.  I hope you have been looking after yourself with lots of winter superfoods such as garlic, ginger, slow cooked curries and soups; A cup of bone broth is always on my daily menu.  As some of you may already know, here on the primal farm we have been having some issues with our off grid power system.


When the sun is out and we have wind, living off the grid is a dream…

Over the last 4 months we have been experiencing what appears to be an ongoing and increasing loss of power generation.  This time of year in Tasmania is always a bit of a challenge to generate power from the sun and also wind.   To charge our batteries we have been relying on the petrol driven generator to supplement the solar panels and wind turbine.  Compared to this time last year (we have only been living off the grid for a year) we have noticed a substaintial increase in generator time.  About four months ago we began to experience the need to run the generator even on sunny and windy days.  We began to think we had a much bigger issue than just a lack of sun and wind, especially when our power kept cutting out whilst we had the generator charging.

Possible issues which we thought may be the problem, were a malfuntion in wind turbine and insufficient solar panels, and possibly deeper issues like a buggered invertor or worse of all dying batteries.  We have a 24 volt system which consist of 12 x 2 volt lead acid batteries, which one battery bank holds 2 Volt cells and costs about $2100 to replace. You can imagine our concern when we thought we needed to replace all 6 battery banks.  Whilst looking for an off grid energy expert to help us with the big problems, we were fortunate enough to locate the actual original installer.  Lucky for us we found Rob from Energy Matters who has been installing Soma wind turbines and solar for over 25 years.  I was excited to know that the Soma wind turbine we have on the property is one of the best turbines available and should be producing enough energy to live off.

We are so lucky to have found Rob from Energy Matters

We are so lucky to have found Rob from Energy Matters

Robs diagnostics after lowering the turbine, checking the batteries, the invertor and also attached controls to all equipment confirmed that we need to replace one of the batteries, because the battery has died and no longer capable of holding any charge.

Lucky for us, we only have to replace one battery.

Lucky for us, we only have to replace one battery.

At the time we thought fantastic, buy this new battery and everything will be back to normal.  We can use the lights, the washing machine and certain appliances without our power cutting out,  and no more heading down into the powershed late at night to run the generator.

Unfortunately we werent so lucky…..The day we installed the new battery, we started the generator as part of a full systems check and we were greeted with a nice fire works display by the battery charger as it blew up!  Time for a new battery charger…..

Sparks flew and now we don't have a battery charger. Rob looks worried.....

Sparks flew and now we don’t have a battery charger. Rob looks worried…..

Now, currently all we are relying on is the wind turbine.  There has been no sun for over two weeks and we now have no battery charger to charge the batteries when the sun is in short supply.
So Andrew and I are being even more cautious as to how much power we use because if we drop the batteies too low, the power will cut out.  At the moment that is not a good thing as we have no way to charge them.

It is an interesting time for us but also looking at the positives it has helped Andrew and I to realise how much power we consume on a daily basis and understand that mother nature is such an important part of our lives.  We have been monitoring our power consumption and on average we use 4.3kw per day.  We can’t complain about that because when we were living in the big smoke we used 43kw per day!  We have also learnt not to take energy consumption for granted and make a conscious effort to only use what we need to.  We have also downgraded the appliances because, well truthfully they arn’t needed and our power issues have confirmed that things such as a television is a luxury.

Where to now….So as I am chatting away to you, we are hearing the wind blow hard and we are thankful that tonight we won’t run out of power. Oh yes, one other small problem…..the power plug from the generator to the house gave up the ghost today, so now we can’t even power the house directly from the generator!  I think I need to bring out the candles very soon.  It also reminds me of when I was a little girl, we had a twin tub washing machine which wasn’t all that reliable and I used to help mum sqeeze out the clothes, well that’s what I have been doing today; Handwashing and sqeezing out clothes manually.

Remember though that for the past year and prior to us moving in, the off grid system we have has been working absolutly perfectly and the 8 solar panels and a wind turbine lets us live ‘normally’

It is just funny that all of these issues have hit us all at once (especially when I am organising a sold out health and wellness conference) but hopefully we can get it fixed as soon as possible.  We know with Robs expert help and advice our system will be back up running very soon and I can stop squeezing out wet clothes or worrying about if we can turn light switches on.

However in the meantime, we do hope our wind turnbine keeps us powered.

The generator that was supplying power to the house. Now we are just relying on wind.

The generator that was supplying power to the house. Now we are just relying on wind.


Delightful power shed that has caused us some grief in the last four months.

Until next farm update, stay warm and appreciate energy consumption.






Jo and Primal Living heartfelt thank you

On August the 16th I will be amongst some amazing health and wellness educators who are helping me change the way you eat and think about your own health and wellbeing.   I will also be standing up on stage in front of 400 people talking to you about what it means to ‘live primal’.  August the 16th is a very big day, a day where so many people are coming together  from all across Australia to talk and showcase their amazing products.  It is a day where you’ll be able to eat amazing primal foods, talk to amazing people and leave with a postive outlook on your own life.  This day I am talking about is the day of the “Changing the Way We Eat” health and wellness conference.  My team and I have worked extremely hard over the last 6 months to bring you an awesome conference that will change your life.  However I wouldn’t of been able to bring it together if it wasn’t for the amazing Primal Living sponsors who have kindly come on board to help me make this happen. I would like to say a very big thank you to each and everyone of them, and I hope that after you have finished reading my post, you head on over to their website and check out what they are doing, and see how they’re making a huge impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

Our Sponsors

Optimal Health

Matt owns and operates Optimal Health which is based here in Hobart.  He has been in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years and is an expert in the fields of functional movement, rehabilitation and also working with the elderly.  Matt and optimal health will be sponsoring morning tea.  Want to train with an expert, book here 

The Naked Whey Co

The Naked Whey Co produce an amazing protein powder sourced from grass fed dairy cows in New Zealand.   Free from growth hormones, chemicals, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms. It contains no fillers, artificial colours and flavours, preservatives, fructose, added sugar, gluten or GMO. They only add organic ingredients and sweeten with organic stevia – a natural herb that is about 300 times sweeter than sugar and doesn’t spike blood sugar.  Their whey has a 90.4% protein content in its unflavoured form and has approximately 25% more Branched-Chain Amino Acids than other protein powders on the market.  Before I continue, protein powder should never replace a real food diet, however when you’re training intensively and you can’t access a steak post workout, then choosing a protein powder that only contains real ingredients is your first choice.  This is why we love Naked Whey.  It is free from the usual garbage that you can find in protein powders.  The Naked Whey Co will be there on the day providing you with samples and you will be able to purchase some of their amazinf powder.   Read more here  and check out Ash’s review and what we cooked up here in the primal Kitchen

Primal Lunch sponsors

As you know nutrition always comes first in my life.  Everyday I fuel my body with the best food for survival.  At the “Changing the Way We Eat” conference I want to fuel your body with the right foods.  I am so excited to be able to have some amazing farmers on board.

Rex Williams owns Kelty Organic Farm

A beautiful farm at Woodbridge 40km south of Hobart.  Kelty Farm overlooks the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island.  Blessed with fertile soil and a reliable 900mm annual rainfall  the farm is ideally situated to produce quality Organic fruit, beef and pork.  Our district has sustained similar family operated farms for many generations. Rex will be sponsoring the beef for beef ragout with bacon lardoons and Huon mushrooms and beef and offal ragout with bacon lardoons and huon mushrooms.  I am so excited to have rex there on the day with a trade table.  You will be able to purchase some of his amazing products.  For more information on the farm, you can check it out here.

Richard Clark owns Bruny Island Game Meats

Richard Clark, from Bruny Island Game Meats, lives here on Bruny Island and supplies game meat to many restaurants around Tasmania.  Richard will be supplying the wallaby for the wallaby koftas in almond Dukkah served with Chimmichurri and Baba Ganoush.

Jason Evans owns Cloudy Bay Lamb

Jason with his wife and two beautiful children live on a gorgeous farm south of Bruny Island Cloudy Bay Lamb has been produced on a small, family run farm in the far South of Bruny Island.  The farm comprises around 550 acres of bushland and pasture which neighbours the South Bruny National Park.   The location is wild, remote and incredibly inspiring! Their vision is to improve the environmental integrity of the farm using  methods that require minimal chemical inputs, and that promote good soil and animal health.   Their sheep are hormone free and they only use organic based fertilisers. Their flock comprises Coopworth sheep.  This breed was established in the 1960’s from Southern New Zealand, and originally stems from a cross between a Romney ewe and a Border Leicester ram.  We chose this breed because of their excellent fertility rates, high lamb survival rates, and the mothers are renowned for being highly attentive and protective.  South Bruny receives one of the highest rainfalls in Tasmania and the characteristic hard, black hooves of the Coopworth breed are more suitable for our wetter conditions. The Coopworth breed also has the benefit of allowing a self-replacing system which means all ewe lambs can be retained and either mated with Coopworth rams carefully selected and brought in for their superior genetics, or mated with terminal sires.  We minimise the risk of introducing disease to the flock by using a self-replacing system By not having to buy in replacement ewes we are immediately. At Cloudy Bay Lamb Jason endeavours to minimise stress for the sheep so we utilise a local Abattoir (approximately 30 kilometres from the Bruny Island ferry) which practices low stress slaughter.  The lamb is aged on the bone (hung) for a week which allows the meat to tenderise. Customers can order our premium lamb as a whole or side of lamb.     The lamb is cut, bagged, labelled for convenience, and delivered in a cardboard box.  Orders can be customised and prices vary accordingly. Individual cuts of Cloudy Bay Lamb are also available in cryovac packs from various outlets on Bruny Island, and also the The ye Olde Oyster Cove Shoppe.

Colette Barnes owns Ut Si Cafe

Ut Si Cafe is one amazing cafe in Tasmania.  If your heading to Launceston, please stop at the gorgeous church in Perth for a delicious bulletproof coffee, charcuterie or a cup of bone broth.  Yes Ut Si cafe is Primal.  Colette and I have been great friends for a few years now and everytime we get together we share so many stories on what we both believe in.  You will be able to enjoy delicious charcuterie for morning tea, alongside a cup of bone broth.   What a way to spend your time at the conference.  Head on over to their facebook page and check out what’s on the menu

Guy Robertson and Eliza Wood Owns Mount Gnomen Farm

Mount Gnomen Farm will be providing us with the bones for the bone broth and also the pork and beef for the sauasages we will be enjoying for morning tea. Guy is a fifth generation Tasmanian farmer. He grew up at Yolla, near Burnie, on a mixed farm with his four siblings.  As a child, Guy showed great enthusiasm for breeding chooks, and would be found setting eggs under hens, nursing chicks, and dreaming of creating a breed he could call his own. When the chook numbers at Yolla climbed into the hundreds, Guy’s breeding had to be curtailed. Now he’s got his own place, there’s no stopping him, whatever the animal is. Guy is an agricultural scientist who graduated from the University of Tasmania with honours. He has worked in a variety of agricultural extension roles including coordinating Landcare programs in north-west Tasmania and the Northern Territory. He’s also worked with the pyrethrum and dairy industries.  Guy and Eliza produce some of the finest free range Wessex Saddleback pigs and you can read more about their amazing farm and their prioduce which you can purchase here

Thirlstane Gardens

I couldn’t let you have lunch without eating some delicious sauerkraut.  Graeme from Thirlstane Gardens is sponsoring the sauerkraut for our lunch.

Thirlstane Gardens was established in 2010 and is situated in the heart of the vegetable growing region on the north west coast of Tasmania. A small family business, it is run by Graeme Lodge with the valued assistance of wife Kym and their two daughters.  The business evolved as a result of our changing family circumstances and the desire to work part time from home to spend time with our two small children. Graeme has always been a keen horticulturalist and the opportunity to purchase a hydroponic growing system presented itself at just the right time.

They currently produce a range of specialty lettuce and herbs including fresh cut bagged salad leaves. The business is looking to supply a small niche market with a variety of salad vegetables that offers the consumer a choice to buy fresh local produce. The business is continually looking to expand the range of vegetables and herbs on offer.

A core concept of our business is to be able to supply “living lettuce and herbs” to the market so that the freshest possible product is consumed. This concept is possible because the produce is harvested as a whole and stored with the roots in fresh water. The consumer can then store the produce in water with the roots left intact and use small amounts if desired. The lettuce or herbs should stay fresh for days if stored correctly. (sourced Harvest Launceston Markets)

Don from Black Ridge Farm

Black Ridge Farm is a family farm in north-western Tasmania. Don & Keryn Thomson, and their four young children, produce top quality, traditional-tasting meats from rare-breed pigs and traditional breeds of sheep and goats, run free-range and under very high animal welfare and environmental standards.

They only sell what we produce on our farm. They believe in short supply-chains so that our customers get to know us, our farm and our meats.  Black Ridge Farm like to think that you are not ‘consumers’ of our produce but co-producers!

Did you say coffee and tea

Primal Living has you covered.  It is so exciting to have Bulletproof coffee on board our sold out conference.  These guys make the best coffee.  For some of you it may seem a bit strange to put butter or ghee in coffee instead of milk, but I reckon you are going to love it.   Bulletproof coffee will be providig you with your caffeine hit for both morning tea and lunch. And if coffee is not your thing we are proud to have The Art of Tea as one of our major sponsors.  The Art of Tea will be providing you with some of the fonest herbal and black teas you have tasted and don’t forget your bag, because you will be able to purchase them on the day. To check out what Bullet proof coffee are up to, head on over to their website and The Art of Tea always have amazing speacials on, read more here.  

But wait we have more

If you feel like some delicious chia puddings on the day then Millie from The Wee Lemon Tree has us covered, not only is Millie providing us with delicious chia puddings, you will be able to purchase her delicious vegetable juices.  I love what Millie does, and her products are amazing.  Every Sunday Millie is down at our local farmers market in Hobart and if your coming down to Tasmania for the conference, the primal team will be heading to the farmers market on the Sunday after the conference.  Can’t wait to see all of you there. A little bit of chocolate with our bulletproof coffee or herbal tea will make anybody happy, especially when it is raw organic chocolate, and not full of unhealthy nasty ingredients. I cannot thank Rawsome chocolate enough.  These guys have sent down enough chocolate for every one of us to enjoy a piece. Yes that is over 400 pieces.   The chocolate is currently sitting in Ash’s fridge and she has been extremely good and not falling into temptation. I love Rawsome Foods ethos and what they stand for, head on over to their facebook page and support Jen and her wonderful team. I have two gorgeous people left  to say a very big thank you to who are part of the morning tea or lunch sponsorship.   Arwen Genge will be providing each and everyone of us with a primal rock, also Arwen will be there on the day with her thermomix, showing you how easy it is to make your own primal foods.   A big thank you to Chris from King Island beef jerky.  King Island beef jerky is an amazing primal snack.  I enjoy my jerky with butter in it, but at the conference you will be able to enjoy all four flavours and you will also be able to purchase it off my Primal Living trade table.  How awesome is that! Not only have we got some amazing guys on board sponsoring the morning tea and lunch, you are going to love who our sponsors are for the whole “Changing the Way We Eat” health and wellness conference

Farm Gate Market

Farm Gate Market can be found every Sunday at the Melville Street Carpark.  At Farm Gate market they believe that there are five vital ingredients that are the foundation of their market. FRESH – the goods for sale are so fresh they are picked the night before and delivered straight to the market each Sunday morning LOCAL – everything sold must be grown or produced within the geographical boundaries of Tasmania SEASONAL – strict guidelines on the origin of food means that eating seasonally is the norm rather than the exception. And as we become more in touch with seasonality, preparing and eating foodonce again becomes a celebration of taste, flavour and goodness. It also means better quality, better value and is better for our environment SIZE MATTERS – the market is about supporting small, boutique and artisan businesses within Tasmania from beginning to end of the value chain COMMUNITY – only the people that grow, raise, produce, extract or even pluck the goods for sale can trade at the market. That means that the producer could in fact be your neighbour… now that’s a relationship! It is really exciting to have the guys support our amazing conference.  On Sunday 17th the Primal Living team will be heading to the market to stock up on fresh vegetables, fruit and grass fed meats.  We hope to see you there for a community primal catch up and post conference chat.

Paleo Providore

Bronwyn Ballantyne is one amazing lady.  Not only is she married to a doctor who follows the primal philosophy, she is a nurse and is also the owner of Paleo Providore.  Their business  has evolved out of  frustration in trying to source ingredients and products to suit the dietary needs and health preferences of their family.  It would often take Bronwyn a full day to do their shopping because they needed to go to 5 different shops to get everything!

Paleo Providores aim is to make life easier for people trying to source products for their health and for specific diets such as:

  • Paleo
  • dairy free
  • gluten free
  • Low Fodmaps
  • organic
  • soy free
  • vegan

They are now delivery fresh organic fruit and vegetable boxes across Tasmania sourcing from local farmers and producers.  Not only that they aim to provide a one stop shop for non refridgerated items, with everything from chocolate, to nuts, chia seeds, flours and organic cleaning products.

Bronwyn will be there on the day to have a chat with you on how you can have your fruit and vegetables delivered straight to your front door.  For more information on what Paleo Providore do, you can read more here.

On the Go Paleo Meals

Now if you guys have not purchased a On the Go Paleo Meal.…OMG grab your phone and get to it.  Reid who is the owner is doing an amazing job with providing everyone with fresh, real food.  Each week on their facebook page they post up meals that you can order.  Not only are they delicious they are also at a really good price.  Eating real food could never be easier with On the Go Paleo Meals.  Reid will be at the conference exhibiting and chatting to you about how you can order your weekly meals.

Eumarrah Wholefoods

I could come across as a bit biased here, but I love Eumarrah Wholefoods.  I managed this amazing health food store for two years and I am really honoured that they are one of our sponsors and  will be at the conference.  Eumarrah will be sponsoring the raw nuts for morning tea, plus they are there exhibiting with all of their amazing primal products which you can purchase.  Wow that bag of yours is going to be full to the brim…..  Eumarrah Wholefoods is based in Hobart and Launceston and have a great range of fermented foods, raw nuts and seeds, organic and local teas, honey, spices and so much more.  You can jump onto their facebook page to see what’s new in store.

Rumbles Paleo

These guys are awesome.  Now I don’t recommend paleo snacks lightly, but Rumbles Paleo products use great ingredients.  Not only that their whole philosophy is amazing.  You can read more here.  This is why Rumbles Paleo are one of our sponsors for the conference and why I want you to enjoy their products.  Jen (the owner) will will be exhibiting and you will have your chance to try some yummy Rumbles Paleo snacks.

Nourish Magazine

Australia’s leading health magazine will be in each and everyone of your goodie bags.  I am so excited to have Nourish magazine support the conference.  This is one magazine I buy each month because it is full of delicious recipes and also great health and wellness information.  Thank you Nourish, I know that when you go home after the conference, you will feel very ‘nourished’ with all the information that will be presented to you on the day. So there we have it – The sponsors of the biggest SOLD OUT health and wellness conference to come to Tasmania.  I feel so proud to have each and everyone of these sponsors on board and without them, this day would not go ahead.  I ask you to check out what everyone is doing and get behind them.  Each and everyone of these guys only has your health and wellness in mind and they want to be able to do the best buy you.  Make sure you stop by their trade tables, and ensure that you bring a big back to stock up on their products.  I have a feeling they will sell out very fast. Wow – we are under three weeks until the big day….I better get back to it….my next blog post is  to let you know who the kind hearted contributors are for the goodie bags each of you will be receiving…..I cannot not believe what is going in them!!! Chat very soon, Jo



Talking with Polly McGee on ABC 936 Radio

Polly McGee and I before I went on air.

Polly McGee and I before I went on air.

I was so excited to be asked to come and do a segment on Polly McGee’s show on ABC 936 radio here in Tasmania.

During this fun interview we discussed how my partner and I exchanged our inner city lifestyle for a life of living off the grid, growing and raising our own food and all the trials and tribulations this brings.

Everyday I’m confronted with issues that I used to take for granted as a city slicker. I’m now so grateful to be able to live the life I have down here on an island at the bottom of Australia, Bruny Island, Tasmania.

Grab a cup of tea and sit down for a listen!