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Friday night is pizza night

Pizza Night – Chicken And Fermented Beetroot Pizza

This weekend, why not make a healthy real food pizza.  Free from gluten, wheat, sugar, dairy and still tastes amazing. When switching to a primal lifestyle, you do not have to give up your favourite foods.  We just make a healthier version.

What you’ll need

For the base
1 medium cauliflower – steamed
1 cup almond meal
4 free range eggs – whisked lightly
1/2 cup coconut oil – melted
pinch of good quality himalayan salt

For the topping
2 -3 cups of tomotoes ( I used homegrown, different sixes) chopped into pieces
1 cup shredded free range chicken ( I used left over roast chicken)
1/2 red onion – sliced
1 cup beetroot leaves
1 cup sliced zucchini
1/2 cup goats cheese
1 – 1/2 cup spinach
Handful of pumpkin seeds
handful of parsley and coriander
fermented beetroot (prepared earlier)

What to do

Pre heat oven to 180 degrees.  Placed the steamed cauliflower in a bowl and mash well.  Add the almond meal, eggs, coconut oil and salt.  Mix well and divide the mixture into half and create two pizza bases, or divide into four small pizza’s.  Place onto pizza baking trays, lined with baking paper and a drizzle of olive oil.  Your base should be roughly 2cm thick.  Cook the bases for 15-20 minutes, maybe more.  The edges and the base should turn slightly brown.  Remove from the oven

Whilst the pizza base is cooking, in a fry pan add some cold pressed olive oil and heat up slowly.  Add in the tomatoes and cook until they have turned into a thick paste, season well.   Whilst the tomoatoes are cooking down, slice the red onion, slice the zucchini and shred the chicken.  Spread the tomatoe paste onto the cooked pizza bases and add the toppings.  Except the fermented beetroot, beetroot leaves and the pumpkin seeds.  Place back into the oven for another 20 minutes.  Take out and top with the beetroot leaves, the fermented beetroot and pumpkin seeds.



Ready to go into the oven

Chicken Shepherd’s Pie with Cauliflower Mash

A Winter’s night and comfort food go really well together.  What you want though is comfort food which is nutritiously good for you and won’t leave you feeling bloated, irritated, lethargic and or moody.  Food can do that, it can make you feel fantastic and full of life or it can make you feel down right awful.

All the food which I like to cook is wholesome, nutritious, amazingly good for you and it won’t (hopefully) leave you feeling awful.  My food doesn’t contain any gluten, wheat or sugar.  Sometimes I will use dairy, however even if you’re diary intolerant, we can easily swap it out.  I also like to make meals which you can do in bulk and also is simple and quick.  This is why I love shepherd’s pie.  Such a delicious comforting winter food.  I swapped out the white potato for cauliflower mash to make this a low carb meal and I also put plenty of delicious vegetables and spices to make this a simple, yet delicious meal.

Sheppards pie for one

Shepherd’s pie for one

Chicken and Vegetable Shepherd's Pie
A delicious winter's day comfort meal free from wheat, gluten and refined ingredients. Using cauliflower as the mash makes this meal taste amazing.
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  1. 4 free range local chicken thighs, minced
  2. 2 cups pumpkin, diced
  3. 2 carrots, diced and leave the skin on
  4. 2 stalks celery, diced
  5. Large bunch of sliver beet, chopped
  6. 1 brown onion, finely diced
  7. 3 cloves garlic, diced finely
  8. 2 chillies, diced finely
  9. 1 tsp each of cumin, sweet paprika and turmeric
  10. 2 tbsp fresh sage
  11. 1 tsp fresh thyme
  12. Large bunch of fresh parsley
  13. 1/2 cup organic tomato paste
  1. In a large frypan, add the onion, garlic, chillies and saute in butter until the onion has softened
  2. Add in the chicken mince and brown
  3. Add in the pumpkin, carrot and celery, mix well
  4. When vegetables have slightly softened, add in the spices and enough water to combine the spices and chicken mince
  5. Once well combined add in the tomato paste, turn down the heat to low and let the dish simmer for 20-30 minutes
  6. At the 15 minute mark, add in the chopped silver beet, combine well and continue to simmer
  7. Cauliflower mash
  8. Whilst the mince is slowly simmering, prepare the cauliflower mash
  9. In a steamer add 1 large cauliflower
  10. Steam until the cauliflower is soft
  11. Add the cauliflower to a blender, season with salt, pepper and add butter
  12. Blend until you have a smooth consistency
  13. Putting it together
  14. What I love about this dish, you can make one large pie or you can put it into small ramikins. This time I did small ramikins because I knew I had a busy week ahead of me and it was great to pull one of these out for breakfast or after work, pop it into the oven, do other chores and in 20 minutes it's ready. No cooking or cleaning to do.
  15. Grab six medium sized ramikins, add the chicken mince and press down firmly. Leave roughly 3 cm from the top to add the cauliflower mash. Top with a knob of butter and your shepherd's pie is now ready to store in the fridge for later, or pop it into the oven for 15-20 minutes until the mash has browned on top.
Naturally Well With Jo





Tassie Pepperberry

Bruny Island Kangaroo Curry for a winters day

It’s here…First day of winter and what a beautiful day it has been on the island.  It started off cold, but as the afternoon came, the day turned out beautiful.  I spent the day cooking and then headed outside to plant all of my beautiful medicinal herbs, natives plants, vegetables and herbs which I purchased yesterday.  I am really excited to be turning my property into one that is fully self sufficient.  Growing my own meat, vegetables, herbs, medicinal herbs and also bush tucker.
Speaking off bush tucker, I bought yesterday Tassie pepper berry trees.  I thought this was appropriate, no doubt there will be a few paleo/real food kangaroo recipes showing up on my website.

Bruny Island Kangaroo Curry

Lets make a curry.  Perfect for a winter’s day and even more perfect if you let it sit overnight.

gluten – wheat – sugar free – local food – slow food
What you’ll need

300-400g diced kangaroo
1 brown onion – diced
2 small chillies
1 large knob of ginger – chopped finely (I always leave the skin on)
3 garlic cloves – Chopped finely
1 large carrot – leave skin on and diced
1 medium zucchini – sliced
1/2 green capsicum – diced
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground turmeric
1 tsp ground coriander
1 small tin of organic coconut cream

What to do

In a frypan, heat a large knob of butter (ghee, lard, coconut oil if dairy intolerant)
Add the onion, chilli, garlic and ginger.  sauté until onion has softened
Add the kangaroo and brown
Take the Kangaroo out and add the vegetables with the spices and coconut cream
Slow cook this until the spices have combined well
When vegetables have softened (But not squishy, you still want them to have a crunch)
Add the kangaroo back in.
Cook until all the flavours have combined really well and vegetables are to your liking

You can add any of your favourite vegetables into this dish, serve it with full fat yoghurt on top and chopped parsley.  Cauliflower mash is also perfect to have on the side.

This recipes serves two people and takes 15-20 minutes to prepare and have it served to the table

Curries are always better the next day

Enjoy the curry and please let me know what you think.  I love seeing your recipes up on Instagram.  Hashtag #primaljorecipes so I can see them

Serve warm out of the oven with lots of butter

Walnut and roasted vegetable mini frittata’s

Using leftovers is the perfect way to save money and make wholesome  delicious food.  I love making these mini frittatas.  They are simple,  easy to make, delicious and nutrient dense.  Perfect post workout, any meal of the day and omit the walnuts and the kids can take them to school.


six free range eggs
roasted pumpkin, chopped
roasted brussel sprouts, chopped
roasted tomatoes, chopped
roasted parsnip, chopped
fresh parsley, coriander, chopped finely
handful of fresh kale, chopped finely
handful of raw walnuts and pumpkin seeds


Whisk up the eggs, and add some water to the mixture.  This helps the eggs to have a fluffier texture
add in the roasted vegetables and mix well
add in the herbs and kale, mix well
add in the walnuts and pumpkin seeds and mix well.  In a medium size greased muffin tin, spoon in the mixture at bake at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until cooked through.
Roast the vegetables the night before, have them for dinner and  prepare extra for the frittatas.  I like to roast my vegetables in turmeric  and sweet paprika.

For this recipe, I did not measure the vegetable quantities.  My recipes are simple and easy to make,  just use what vegetables you have in the fridge and go for it.

Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, wheat free.

These muffins are delicious served warm with lots of butter.

Serve warm out of the oven with lots of butter

Serve warm out of the oven with lots of butter


Changing the Way We Eat – Health and Wellness Conference – Primal Living

Untitled design (1)Mark August 16th 2014,  as the first day of your healthier way of life.  That’s the day that “Changing the Way We Eat”, the first ever ancestral health and wellbeing conference in Tasmania, will address major concerns affecting your health today.

Jo Smith of Primal Living Tasmania has brought together a dynamic and diverse group of speakers who’ll fill this one day conference will the latest research  and information on;

  • ancestral health
  • low carb eating
  • nutrient dense real food
  • toxic free and sustainable living
  • hunter and gatherer lifestyle
  • sugar free living
  • metabolic diseases
  • low carb and sports performance

There’s two Q&A sessions between the presentations, and this will give you the opportunity to ask leading experts in their fields your health and wellness questions.


You will receive a goodie bag
Free paleo inspired seasonal and local morning tea and lunch


Lucky door prizes from cafe’s, organic and sustainable clothing, real food cook books and more
You can meet your favourite speaker and have their book signed
Accommodation packages through Wrest Point Casino
Opportunity to purchase real food products from local and interstate producers and suppliers


To add to the package you’ll be visiting the wonderful island of Tasmania where you’ll meet like-minded people within this exciting food revolution industry.  Take this opportunity to meet local producers and visit our local farmer’s markets.

Change your life with Changing the Way We Eat Conference –

Sorry this conference is now sold out!


Key presenters on the day:

Jo Smith

Jo Smith

Jo is an advocator and leader of holistic health and wellness in Australia.  As a modern day hunter gatherer, Jo runs an evolving website, blog and business born out of her love and passion for health, sustainability, real food, supporting local farmer’s and producers and spreading the word on holistic nutrition and toxic free living.  Originally working in the field of pharmacy she is now a successful health and wellness educator, business consultant, blogger, wellness educator, food coach and personal trainer.





Gary Fettke

Gary Fettke

 Dr Gary Fettke – No Fructose will be discussing – “Nutrition – our Health and Disease”

M.B.B.S.(University NSW), F.R.A.C.S.(Orthopaedic Surgery), F.A.Orth.A. He is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Senior Lecturer of the University of Tasmania actively practicing in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.  A significant part of Gary’s surgical practice is working with people suffering the complications of Diabetes and Obesity – both of which are out of control in society.  He has a major interest in the preventative aspects of health and particularly weight loss before operating on patients.  The last few years in particular have been dedicated to reconsidering the role of diet in the cause of Diabetes, Obesity, and Cancer.  Dr Gary Fettke is an author and his website and Facebook page presence is growing, as he is regularly asked to speak nationally and internationally.  He is the Medical Expert for the top selling author, Sarah Wilson ‘I Quit Sugar’ programme and 2014 saw Gary receive international notoriety for diagnosing Billy Connolly’s Parkinson disease in a hotel foyer in Los Angeles.

Dr Zeeshan Arain

Dr Zeeshan Arain


Dr Zeeshan Arain – Current Melbourne Demons AFL doctor and General Practitioner will be discussing “The role of nutrition in exercise and sports performance”

Melbourne based General Practitioner, Dr Zee Arain is the current team doctor for the Melbourne Demons AFL team. He has a Masters in Public Health and Tropical Medicine.  His initial interest in nutrition and metabolism began several years ago when he was increasingly frustrated at being overweight despite eating a low fat diet and exercising regularly.  After losing close to 30kg and maintaing his weight loss, he has become a staunch advocator of low carb high fat nutrition in the prevention of disease, weight loss and optimum quality fo life.  His presentation will discuss the role of nutrition in exercise and sports performance.


Dr Rod Taylor

Dr Rod Tayler

Dr Rod Tayler – Give up Sugar, will be discussing “Low Carb-Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Dr Rod Tayler is an Australian anaesthesiologist and anti-sugar activist with an interest in low carbohydrate diets to optimize our weights and our health.  Dr Tayler was one of the 250+ enthusiastic people who participated in the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise to be amongst like-minded people from around the world who are becoming more and more aware of the problems associated with not just sugar but literally refined and starchy carbohydrates.  Dr Tayler is doing his part to spread the word about healthy low – carb living as the principal investigator of the SWEET (Sugar and Weight Effect at Epworth Study). Making headlines in Australia, Dr Tayler suggested that fruit not fat may be in fact be part of the reason why we have an obesity epidemic.



Christine Cronau

Christine Cronau


Christine Cronau – The Fat Revolution will be discussing “Fat Revolution”

Christine is a Nutritionist, bestselling Author, and Speaker. After struggling with her own weight and health, Christine transformed her body and her health and spent over ten years researching the facts about food and fats. The results are evident in her engaging, ground-breaking books about dietary truths that have been ignored by conventional health authorities. Christine’s revolutionary work is captivating and easy to read; a fascinating look at how we have reached such a mistaken consensus about health.



David Gillespie

David Gillespie

David Gillespie – Sweet Poison will be discussing “Toxic Oils and our health”

David Gillespie is the best selling author of “Sweet Poison, “Big Fat Lies” and “Toxic Oil”.  He is a recovering corporate lawyer, co-founder of a successful software company and consultant to the IT industry.
David Gillespie was 40kg overweight, lethargic, sleep deprived and the father of four, with twins on the way.  He knew he needed to lose weight fast, but he had run out of diets – all had failed.  After doing some research on evolution (why weren’t our forebears fat?), David cut sugar – specifically fructose – from his diet.  David immediately started to lose weight, and kept it off.  Slim, trim and fired up, David set out to look at the connection between sugar, our soaring obesity rates and some of the more worrying diseases of the twenty-first century.


Alexx Stuart

Alexx Stuart

Alexx Stuart – Real Food. Low Toxic Living – will be discussing “Heal yourself – and the world – with your shopping basket”

Alexx Stuart isn’t a qualified health professional.  She’s a concerned citizen.  Out of a host of personal health challenges and the discoveries she made of our food and medical systems while investigating things for her own healing, Alexx decided to become what she calls a ‘gentle actvist’.  Alexx has made it her mission to ensure that the journey into a health, conscious lifestyle is a welcome one, not a forced one.  “Drop the guilt, learn what you need to learn and move forward excited about what will change today – no matter how big or small each change is!” Passionate about contributing to the conscious living movement, particulary in the traditional foods and toxic free living spaces, she speaks, writes, conductsworkshops, to help everyday peole make every day choices that are going to benefit not only them and their families, but our beautiful planet!  Her best selling book, Real Treats, is available through Amazon.

Crystal Fieldhouse

Crystal Fieldhouse


Crystal Fieldhouse – Eat – Sleep – Move will be discussing “How To Get The Primal Glow”

Crystal is a busy medical sales professional by day and a skincare mix-master by night.  With a love for learning, cooking & eating, Crystal regards herself as a ‘Real Food’ Foodie.  But one who is temporarily restricted by a sensitivity to foods high in salicylates and amines.  As a certified Food Coach and a Peninsula Mindfulness and Meditation Leader, Crystal is looking to help other reconnect with their primal selves through her work on The Primal Shift Podcast.  She has also researched and handcrafted a range of traditional skin creams that are made with organic ingredients, paleo friendly, 100% natural and perfect for sensitive skin.


Guy Lawrence

Guy Lawrence


Guy Lawrence – 180 Nutrition will be discussing “My Journey to Amazing Health”

Guy Lawrence is the founder of 180 Nutrition.  He is an experienced health and wellness educator and the producer of the amazing 180 nutrition all natural, paleo friendly protein powders and food products.  He has a long career as a health and fitness coach, and is an expert in the fields of crossfit and TRX training.  Guy loves to talk about health, he will happily engage in a conversation about food, just don’t broach the subject of sugar.



Jenna Lovell

Jenna Lovell


Jenna Lovell – My Missing Factor will be discussing “From Apathy to Adventure – how a “real person” with an incurable health condition revolutionised her life”

Jenna Lovell, from Hobart, is a writer, speaker and health advocate.  Born with an inherited bleeding disorder, Jenna as seen more than her fair share of the insides of doctor’s rooms and hospital wards.  Over the last 2 years, Jenna has completely changed her relationship with her medical condition, her body and health and is now establishing a business to inspire others to reclaim their health.  A UTAS BA graduate, Jenna currently works at a local company, The Art of Tea blending, packaging, selling and writing about her foremost obsession – tea!  She also volunteers for the state, national and international patient support organisation for people with inherited bleeding disorders, and earlier this year shared her experience as a youth mentor and advocate at the World Federation of Haemophilia’s Congress in Melbourne.

Rohan Anderson

Rohan Anderson


Rohan Anderson – Whole Larder Love will be discussing “Modern day Hunter and Gatherer”

Rohan anderson is a true hunter and Gatherer.  Eating what the land provides is something that has fascinated Rohan since he was a runty kid growing up on a small Gippsland farm in Victoria.  As a boy Rohan would often catch eel, trout, and fresh water crayfish and cook them up with simple ingredients.  Rohans’s family farm got him started with the new adult obsession with growing his own food.  Inspired by his mum with her love of growing her own and living as self sufficient as possible, something Rohan now try’s to instil into his kids.  Converting an old school house in country Victoria, Rohan’s garden is a useful one, and is stuffed full of produce, some fruit tree’s, plemty of seasonal vegetables and mixed herbs.  He loves to cook and what you see on Rohan’s dinner plate is fairly rustic type meals, it’s peasant style cooking, nothing fancy.  To put it simply, Rohan loves to cook with food that he has grown, gathered, hunted, fished for or sourced locally.

Gerard Crochon

Gerard Crochon


Gerard Crochon – Nicholls Rivulet Organic Farm – will be discussing “Soil and your health” 

Gerard Crochon lives in the beautiful Huon Valley, Tasmania and owns an amazing farm Nicholls Rivulet Organic Farm.  Gerard is a passionate farmer and  he will be discussing  the importance of soil health for healthy animals and ultimately nutrient dense meat.  His talk will probably bust the believe that grass fed animals equate to good quality meat. 

“Changing the Way We Eat” Health and Wellness Conference is jam packed with the latest research and information on how you and your family can change your health and lifestyle.   Tickets to this one day conference will sell fast. Sorry this conference is now sold out!


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Another great sponsor has joined the team and everyone will receive a copy of Nourish magazine in their goodie bag. Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well. Welcome Nourish magazine!

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