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Burn Body Fat and Feel Great with Jo's

Burn Body Fat and Feel Great With This Workout

Working out at a high intensity with a period of rest is one of the best ways to increase fitness, feel amazing and burn body fat.  You can mix up your workouts with different exercises and different sets and rest periods.

You can do this workout at home, outdoors and in the gym.  The only equipment you need is a skipping rope and a stop watch.  If you do not have a skipping rope, no problems.  Use your arms and go through the same motion as if you were skipping.

Beginners can halve the sets and increase the rest time.  Have fun and if I am not sure of how to do an exercsie I find google and images fantastic.

Warm Up

Error – Apologies where it reads bump, it is actually meant to say bum.  If anyone creates a bump kick let me know so I can do it!  ðŸ™‚

Giveaway Autumn 745 size

Living Healthy and Happy Autumn Giveaway

Summer has ended and Autumn has arrived and I would like to celebrate with you.  What better way to celebrate and also say a very big thank you, to all of my amazing supportive community than a giveaway.

I have collaborated with a few of my awesome health and wellness friends to bring you some amazing prizes to win.

The competition starts on Monday 9th of March and each week on Tuesday and Thursday I will draw one lucky winner.


1:  Fill out your details below

This will also sign you up to my newsletter and you will receive a bonus shopping guide.  If you’re already a member, thank you.  Head down into the comments section of this post and say hello with your name and email address for your entry.

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4. Head on over to our sponsors to say a very big hello and check out their amazing work.  

Want to see who’s amazing products you can win.  Check the businesses out below.

1. Conscious Step 

CS jumbo logo-01 gift box 3-01

Conscious Step website is fantastic – Each pair of socks sold goes towards helping others.  click her to check it out


2. Kylie Anna Creations


Kylie Anna Creations Facebook page shows her amazing positive affirmations 

3. The Holistic Ingredient

ANM-Homepage (1)

Over on Amy’s website she has some delicious and nourishing recipes for the whole family

4. Rumbles Paleo

Rumbles March PromoJen and Brian create amazing snacks for the whole family that are gluten, grain and dairy free.  

5. Tassie Tallow

photo (12)

Tassie Tallow provides us with traditional fats just like our great-great grandmothers used

6. Paleo Providore

Paleo Providore Tasmanian Produce Box 2

Bronwyn over at Paleo providore chats to our farmers, supports them with buying their produce and than she delivers the produce box to our door.  How wonderful.  Click here to order your box (Tasmanian only)

7. Alex Stuart – Real Food & Low Toxic Living


Alexx provides us with powerful knowledge on how we can live a real food and toxic free lifestyle.  Check out what she has on offer here

8. The Art of Tea

Front (2)

The super awesome ladies at The Art of Tea provide us with a huge range of delicious teas.  Their website has it all. 

9. Optimoz


Optimoz provides us with the fats we thrive on in our diets.  Head on over here to see their tasty range

10. Ecology Skincare


I love ecology skin care.  They provide us with 100% chemical and preservative free skin care

11. Paleo in Melbourne


The queen of Kombucha and lover of real food.  Paleo in Melbourne is a website to visit.  

12. That Sugar Film

THAT SUGAR FILM key art (1)

That sugar film is a new documentary out to help educate us on the hidden sugars in every day foods. Currently touring Australia with the documentary.  This is one not to be missed

Start Autumn off happy and enter the competition.  Share with your friends and family.  Good luck to everyone who enters.  This is going to be an amazing giveaway



Gluten and Grain Free Apricot and Nut Slice

A year and a half growing our own food,  I was excited to pick my first lot of apricots.  This slice has a delicious apricot and nutty flavour with the apricots adding a hint of sweetness.  You will need to keep this slice in the freezer due to using cacao butter adding firmness.



1 cup walnuts
1 cup pumpkin and sunflower seeds combined
1 cup Almonds
1/2 cup poppy seeds and linseeds
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1 cup cacao butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup rice malt syrup
2 cups diced fresh apricots
1 free range egg


In a blender combine the walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.  Pulse until a coarse mixture
Melt the coconut oil and cacao butter and add to the mixture with the rest of the ingredients
In a lined baking tray (I used two rectangler trays) add in mixture and press firmly down

Bake in oven on 180 degrees until brown on top.  Allow to cool and then place in freezer to firm.

Enjoy every bite with a delicious cup of coffee or herbal tea.



Quick and Easy Gluten Free ‘Spaghetti’ Bolognese

I love making this.  It is one of my weekly go to meals.  You can add any of your favourite vegetables and the mince is amazing to have as leftovers for breakfast or lunch the next day.  I actually love frying up two eggs for breakfast and adding it to the mince.  Yum!

My ‘spaghetti’ bolognese is the perfect real food meal.  You won’t end up with a bloated tummy or end up feeling sluggish and crash on the couch, because this delicious meal is gluten and wheat free.  You can make it dairy free, by not adding grated cheese on top and it is also sugar free.  Perfect!


Serves three-four people
500g pastured raised, free range beef mince
1 red onion – diced
2 gloves garlic – crushed
1 carrot – diced
1 green capsicum – diced
Bunch of local greens – I used Bok choy
1/2 small eggplant – diced
6 button mushrooms – diced
1/2 cup of pitted olives
1 250g jar of organic tomato paste
1 -2 large zucchini – depending on how big the zucchini is, you may need 1 each


In a fry pan, add 1 tablespoon coconut oil
Add in red onion and sautee until soft
Add in garlic
Add in mince to brown
Once mince is brown add in the vegetables except for the greens
Add the tomato paste and some water to create a sauce.
If the mince becomes too thick, add in a bit more water
5 minutes before serving add inthe greens and combine well
Season well with cracked pepper and Himalayan sea salt.

Turn the heat down low, and whilst the sauce is simmering, grab the zucchini’s.  With a peeler (or a spiralizer) peel the zucchini lengthways into long strips.  This has now become your pasta.

In another frypan, heat some butter and and the zucchini.  Lightly saute, and add a squeeze of lemon juice. Saute no more than five minutes.

Serve the zucchini up in a bowl and top with the mince.  You may wish to add some full fat grated cheese.


I hope you enjoy this recipe.  Please let me know if you make it, by sharing on the Primal Living Facebook page or Instagram account.  Hashtag #primaljobolognese


What floats my boat? – Not Paleo

So I have been thinking…..I am moving away from the term ‘paleo’. Paleo got me excited nine years ago, but today it doesn’t. Why because it has become too commercialised and it does not float my boat anymore.

What floats my boat?
Talking about real food, where our food comes from, how it was grown, who grew it. I am passionate about food ethics, organics, food sustainability, self sufficient living, animal welfare, supermarket duoploy’s, fair trade, environment, permaculture and making a positive change to help people connect back with nature to eat real food.
I am passionate about changing the way we eat and live. Passionate about the connection between humans and natural world. Passionate about simple living and being conscious about our food and lifestyle choices. Do we need a label for that….No we don’t! Do we need a new diet book to tell us how to eat, no we don’t. We are the only animal on this planet that is instructed by scientist, nutritionist, dieticians and food manufacturers on how to eat. Why have we lost that art of instinctively knowing what is good for us?

When we connect back to eating real food, the food nature provides us, no diet book is needed and we become more relaxed around our food choices.
Humans used to know how to eat, but we have allowed food industry marketers and nutritional scientist to complicate things. Our western society is full of dietary confusion, and I personally don’t want to be involved in it any more.

I feel I want to pay far more attention to the sociology and ecology of eating rather than the chemistry. Pay more attention to what has been done to our food, rather than how much carboydrates is in it. When we don’t reach for a label or gimmick or new diet fad, we can return to eating just good, natural real food and reclaim our health and reclaim our happiness.

We have complicated nutrition. Yes we have. Food coaches, dieticians, nutritionist, food manufacturer’s and scientists. We have lost connection with nature, the land and the art of eating simple, healthy and most importantly real food.

My blog is moving in a direction of connecting us back to our farmers, back to eating real food, understanding that food is a part of our natural being and not a product of industry and marketing. Food is fuel and when we reach to nature and our garden to provide us that fuel we do not need to concern ourselves with ingredient labels, health claims, nutrients, packaging or chemical compounds. We realise what we can create and enjoy using this delicious, fresh food. My page will be connecting us with living toxic free, living simply and letting go off guilt that surrounds us everyday.

As Michael Pollan so rightly says ” When you’re cooking with food as alive as this – these gorgeous and semigorgeous fruits and leaves and flesh – you’re in no danger of mistaking it for a commodity, or fuel, or a collection of chemical nutrients. No in the eye of the cook or the gardener or the farmer who grew it, this food reveals itself for what it is: no mere ‘thing’ but a web of relationships among a great many living beings, some of them human, some not, but each of them dependent on the other, and all of them ultimately rooted in soil and nourished by sunlight.
I’m thinking of the relationship between the plants and the soil, between the grower and the plants and animals he or she tends, between the cook and the growers who supply the ingredients, and between the cook and the people who will soon be able to join the table and enjoy the meal”

Join me on my journey of learning and living a more meaniful, self sufficient and sustainable life. Live by a philosophy of mindfulness and making positive changes towards eating and living and letting go of labels.

A beautiful comment made by a friend of mine, Steve Hayter from That Paleo Show

“Being authentic to others with others is important but being authentic with yourself is paramount”