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Bruny Island Yoga and Sound Bath Healing Special Event

A beautiful and restful day out for you and your friends.  Come along and join us for a morning of pure nourishment, nurture and deep relaxation.  This event will leave you feeling grounded with a new sense of vitality.  Make a day on Bruny Island.  After the yoga event, head onwards to the Indigenous festival that is happening south of the Island at Lunawanna.  And whilst you’re there you may like to drop into the Bruny Island Winery for some delicious local lunch or the cheese factory.   Bookings can be made at the bottom of the page.  I really look forward to sharing this experience with you.  

NWWJ Sound Bath Flyer

Purchase Tickets Here:

If you would like to purchase two tickets please email me at


Yoga on Bruny Island

Hi there community.

I am excited to share with you that I am now teaching Vinyasa Yoga on Bruny Island, Tasmania. Bruny Island is my place of home. I moved here three years ago from the middle of Hobart, to embrace a self sufficient lifestyle.  My partner and I wanted to move to a place where we could  grow our own food, have some chickens and learn how to be self reliant.  And so we moved to an island!  

Bruny Island has some of Tasmania’s most beautifully preserved natural environments with abundant wildlife and stunning cliff top views. You can walk along the long sandy beaches and take yourself on some amazing bush walks.

The island is also the perfect place to come to when you need some respite, some time out from the daily grind and to nurture yourself. To access the island you come across on a ferry from Kettering, around a 35 min drive south of Hobart. The ferry runs everyday and as soon as you step onto the ferry to come across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel you will feel your shoulders drop away from the ears and time is non existent.

Which means that coming to Bruny Island to stay and to participate in one of my nurturing and soul healing yoga classes is the perfect gift that you can give yourself.  Practicing yoga in nature is one of the best ways to heal the body and give the whole mind, body and soul the love that it deserves.  

Below is my current timetable. Please check my Facebook page and my timetable on my website for any changes to the classes and for up coming workshops.  

I really look forward to seeing you in class and enjoying the time dedicated to nurturing, loving and healing oneself.  




Yoga . Health . Sustainability

It has been awhile since I wrote my last blog post.  Life has been rather busy for me on the farm and then winter hit and I wanted to go into hibernation.  I felt I needed to rest up, slow down and do nothing but sit by the fire and read books.  
Instead I decided to leave the farm to go and study to become a Vinyasa yoga teacher (or was it my intention to escape the Tasmanian winter for warmer weather).  

For the last six weeks I have been living at Krishna Village – Centre for Yogic studies with 19 other fellow yogi’s all living, breathing and studying yoga together.  Yoga has always been an interest of mine.  I loved reading about yoga philosophy and I have personally been practicing yoga in my own lounge room on and off for a few years.  
Initially it was hard for me to practice yoga.  I have a mind that likes to think a lot and heading into a yoga space where it is just me and the mat I initially found myself checking the time to see when the class would end.  However overtime I came to find yoga to be the best thing to help calm my mind and to be gentle with myself.  I love how yoga has continuously helped with my stress levels and to be a better person. 

And now that I have just spent six intense weeks studying to be a yoga teacher I have found yoga to be more than the asanas.  

But first let me tell you a little bit about Krishna Village.

Krishna Village is an eco yoga community set on an organic farm.  Their mission is to provide the blueprint of a simple, mindful, spiritually based lifestyle. They work to provide a wholesome (in Sanskrit: sattvic) and sustainable lifestyle that is good for all living beings and conducive to a joyous and loving attitude.

The Village offers a place where you can volunteer and be a WWOOFER on their organic farm, or you can take up one of their retreats and stay for 7 days immersing yourself into the culture of ‘simple living, higher thinking’.  Or if you are wanting to learn more about yoga and fully immerse yourself into the yogic philosophy you can do what I did and live and learn to become a yoga teacher.  

The yoga teacher training course goes for six weeks.  Whereby you will deepen your practice and learn to live a wholesome yogic lifestyle? You will be immersed into an inspiring spiritual environment that is applying yogic wisdom in all areas of life; from nutrition to meditation, from physical movement to spiritual practice? 

Living at the Krishna Village I was immersed into a beautiful community of spiritual seekers from all over the world who are coming together with the intention of sharing their gifts and talents and supporting each others’ learning and growth.

Here is a video of myself and my fellow yoga teachers on our recent course.  

As you can see Krishna Village is a beautiful place to visit, to stay as a retreat guest or do what I did and study.

The Study

The study of yoga and to become a yoga teacher was one of the best and hardest things I have done thus far. We were told right from the start by our teacher that we would be pushed out of our comfort zone and that we will be asked to do things that at first will be really hard.   My teacher was right. 

From week two of the course I was teaching classes.  I was also getting up at 4am to meditate and study.  We were in class from 6.30am to 2pm learning everything from life Coaching, Ayurvedic nutrition principles, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Philosophy of yoga, meditation study, Vinyasa flow (which is what I am now accredited in) Chakras, Pranayama, Anatomy and Pysiology, teaching methodolgy, the yoga of business, teaching assessments and chanting workshops. Plus on top of all the study we needed to participate in 35 yoga classes, create our own classes and sequencing and do 20 minutes each day of meditation and self practice.  

We also worked on the farm, which is called Seva work.  Here is a beautiful post written about Seva work by my fellow teacher Ana which also includes beautiful photos of yogi’s and my new family.  

From 2pm we had lunch which was provided by the village.  Lunch was always a beautiful selection of salads, soups and dishes all plant based and predominantly from the organic gardens.  After lunch, normally from 3pm I would be back studying or practicing with my group before our 5pm class.  And after dinner you would find me back in the yoga room studying and practicing, or collapsed in bed sound asleep after such a massive day.  

Because I loved the philosophy of yoga, myself and some of the other yoga teachers took private philosophy classes with our philosophy teacher Michael.  And it was during these philosophy classes that I felt myself fall deeply in love with yoga.  The classes have  helped me to see that yoga is more than asana’s.  The poses on the mat.

To me yoga is resetting my own system on a physical and spiritual level.  It is about creating balance and equanimity to be able to live in peace, good health and harmony with the greater whole.  The ancient and sacred text which is written in the yoga sutra of Patanjali describes the inner workings of the mind and provides a blueprint of fundamental guidelines to live your life by.  Thus enabling oneself to not only be a better person, one of more compassion, unconditional love and acceptance but also how to use our energy in relationship to others, to be able to serve and give.

For me personally and my philosophy behind Primal Living I felt yoga was the missing link.  I now feel fortunate to have the ability to pass on my learnings from yoga to serve the wider community.  

The teachings of yoga are complimentary to the philosophy of Primal Living.  Primal Living is to create wellness through holistic health and sustainability and now using the ancient text of yoga I feel I can better help you in your journey towards a more sustainable, healthy and wholesome life.  

If you would like some help finding balance with your health, wellness, lifestyle and fitness please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I specialise in working with people in finding optimal health through sustainable living, nutrition and yoga.  

I would like to leave you with a beautiful photo of my new yogi family who I feel blessed to have met and to have shared so many amazing memories with.  I hope that you my readers will get to meet some of these amazing souls and to experience their teachings.  

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave any thoughts below.  

Big Love – Jo xx

Photo Credit Tom Jones