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No Fuss Sustainable Christmas Shopping

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like me and really dislike the christmas busyness and want to avoid all the crowds, I have the perfect way for you to shop. 

My guidelines around buying presents is that they must be eco friendly, local, sustainable and as much zero waste as possible.  I also love buying gifts that are informative and useful and a bit quirky.  

So this morning I did a little bit of shopping online from local businesses who are doing awesome things for the people and the planet. And I wanted to share with you who they are just incase you would like to buy your friends and family members presents that are good for the environment and fun for the receivers.  

The first one is:  SPIRAL GARDEN

A family-run, Tasmanian-based online retail business, specialising in environmentally-friendly toys, quality art and craft supplies, gardening tools, books and inspiring gifts made from renewable materials.  They also run workshops and e-courses in permaculture, celebrating our local environment.  Spiral Gardens emphasis is on quality products that are made with love and care for the environment, as well as experiences that seek to connect and educate while spending time in nature, hence our motto: “play, nature’s way…”

These guys have an amazing online shop. Here is their website link – Have fun shopping


The second local business that I love is CARA EDWARDS DESIGN

Cara is an amazing women!  So creative and quirky.  I love her!  A graphic designer, a mad potter and a primary school garden teacher based in Hobart, Tasmania.  Cara works on a freelance basis and loves collaborating with local/ethical/small-scale businesses and organisations. With qualifications in horticulture and permaculture has given Cara’s work a unique perspective – her approach is unpretentious and she aims to create genuine, simple and positive designs.

I love how Cara designs products that are practical and fun.  She has a great range of cards, posters, badges representing Mother Earth.  Seriously in love with her work.  I can’t tell you what I bought as the person I bought for maybe reading this post.  Hehe.  

But here is what I love.  How cool are these badges?!    If you would like to shop this christmas with Cara here is the website link


The third local business I love is GOOD LIFE PERMACULTURE

Good Life Permaculture’s approach to life is centered around the concept of radical homemaking.  They place their home and community at the core of everything they do in order to create what they feel is a a good life.

Hannah Moloney and her partner Anton Vikstrom (and little Frida Maria) are busy applying their skills in permaculture and sustainability in their our home and their community since they arrived in Tasmania in mid 2012.   They are extremely passionate, hard working people, dedicated to fostering a resilient world to live in, now and for future generations.

Hannah has jut released some permaculture educational t.towels.  Which I am totally in love with.  This hits my christmas present buying to a tee.  Practical, educational, fun and waste free.  


For more shopping head here to Good Life’s website 

And number four of one of my favourite local businesses.  KYLIE ANNA CREATIONS

I love what Kylie does with her design work and also how inspiring and resilient this amazing women is!   Seven years ago Kylie discovered the power that positive words can have not only on her own life but those of others.   A dream was planted inside of her to create beautiful and inspiring items that would help uplift and inspire the world.  Kylie drew up a vision board of what she would like her life to look like and started dreaming (and doing).
As life goes, not all went to plan. Soon after, Kylie’s husband became very unwell with anxiety and depression and her dreams were put on hold so she could build her graphic design business up enough to support her family of five. The universe was having some fun with her – here she was so passionate about positive words, whilst her husband was in a deep dark place where he felt positive words had no power in comparison to the chemical imbalance that he was experiencing.
After a couple of years of trying everything she could find to help him, at the end of last year she realised that the only way she could help him was to help herself and lead by example. Letting go of trying to find all the answers for her husband, he was able to find them for himself, and now they’re in a much better place.
Kylie Anna Creations was born from Kylie’s love of words and ‘making stuff’!  She loves making fun gifts for family and friends.  And now it has evolved into three product lines.
Kylie Anna Creations creates beautiful, earth friendly, spiritual and inspirational homewares. The items are designed to help people in their spiritual practice, aiming at people on a spiritual path, yoga lovers, or anyone looking to create more peace, love and joy in their life. All items are currently made in Australia (soon to be all made in Tasmania) from earth friendly materials. They feature positive words, affirmations, and mandalas. 
fullsizerender-11Great gift ideas for not only adults but kids too.  Creating positive minds for these little ones is one of the best things for them leading into adult hood.  Please check out Kylie’s website.  You will be totally inspired.

Well there you have it.  Four of my favourite local businesses doing great stuff for us and the environment. Make this christmas a stress free one.  Go and grab a nice cup of tea, pop on some relaxing music and in the comfort of your own home you can go shopping.  

And you know what is also awesome, you’re doing something good, actually GREAT!!!!  You’re making conscious steps to living well, helping your friends and family live consciously and mindfully and you’re supporting local businesses.  What a great christmas!  Well done you!  

Please let me know what you end up buying.  Have fun shopping

Love Jo



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